“Evulu revulu evolution”: Internet users ask Sergio Lagos to present Daddy Yankee’s show in Chile

daddy yankee announced that he is retiring from music and to do so he released a new album called Legendaddy and will soon begin an extensive tour called “The last turn” that will bring it to Chile.

In the context of that last reggaeton “El Jefe” tour, on the platform Change.org A petition was raised for Sergio Lagos to be in charge of the presentation of Daddy Yankee.

Why do you want Sergio Lagos to present Daddy Yankee?

It all started in 2006 when, within the framework of the vine Festival was presented daddy yankee in a show that put the entire Quinta to dance with the songs that at that time were a consolidated hit.

And in the memory of Yankee fans, not only was the epic appearance of Daddy Yankee seated on a throne that came down from heaven, or the brilliant renditions of “What happened, happened” or “La Gasolina”, but also the monumental presentation by Sergio Lagos.

The great presentation of Sergio Lagos to Daddy Yankee in 2006

Sergio Lagos was in charge of conducting and animating the XLVI version of the International Song Festival of Viña del Mar with which for many has been one of the best conductors of the event. It was in this context that the face of 13 announced, together with Miriam Hernández, the departure of Daddy Yankee to the Viña stage, and he did it with his usual style, fresh, funny and close to him.

And although he was a friendly conductor with all the artists who passed in that edition of the festival, it must be said that with Yankee he went through the roof.

“Here I have dreamed of life, Here I have played with luck. Ye ye ye ye. Here evil is prohibited,
I am not from any adrift neighborhood, I am from the neighborhood, but from a fine neighborhood. Ye ye ye ye of course, I’m from the neighborhood, but from a fine neighborhood”
were some of the words that Lagos gave to the public.

But if there’s one thing we’ll remember forever, it’s the “Evulu revulu evolution” that Sergio Lagos said at the beginning, as well as seconds before Daddy Yankee received his silver seagull.

Check out the moment below:

Sergio Lagos’ improvisational play

Years later on the program Los 2000, zapping to the past, the entertainer said that it was not easy that night when he presented Daddt Yankee. In fact, it was very difficult for him to do it.

“Daddy Yankee’s manager did not want any kind of presentation. I remember my brother, once again, talking to him to tell him: ‘Myriam (Hernández) and Sergio have a special presentation, please, please, let us do this’ “Lagos recounted.

In addition, the animator told that “I decidedly threw myself into doing a kind of improvisation.”

Where can you sign the petition for Sergio Lagos to animate the Daddy Yankee show?

The petition called “That Sergio Lagos present Daddy Yankee in his last concert in Chile” is available at Change .Org on this LINK

When does the sale of tickets for the Daddy Yankee concert begin?

Tickets will be on sale from March 30.

Where to buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased on the official website of daddy yankee: www.daddyyankee.com.

BONUS TRACK: Full recital of Daddy Yankee in Viña 2006

If you wanted to remember, or if you haven’t seen it, here’s the video with Daddy Yankee’s presentation at Viña 2006, including Sergio Lagos’s presentation.