Ewan McGregor confirms what we suspected about his tense divorce

Despite welcoming a son with new wife Mary Elizabeth Winstead in June 2021, it’s been a rocky road for Ewan McGregor towards building your new family. After the actor officially filed for divorce from Mavrakis in November 2017, The Sun quoted him as saying, “It’s disappointing and upsetting, but my main concern is that our four children are okay.”

The drama did not stop there. According to reports, Mavrakis suspected that McGregor harbored feelings for Winstead, his co-star on the set of “Fargo” 2017, before filing for divorce, but the actor assured him that he would not go any further.

That didn’t seem to calm things down. As a source told The Sun, “Eve is sure Ewan and Mary were together before he confessed his feelings for her. It’s hard for her to believe him.”

The couple’s divorce ended up costing McGregor quite a bit of money, with his August 2020 settlement ordering him to pay Mavrakis $14,934 per month in child support and $35,868 each month in spousal support, according to Us Weekly. Additionally, Mavrakis kept his $6 million home, a $500,000 bank account courtesy of McGregor, and five of his cars (although McGregor kept 30).

The “Obi-Wan Kenobi” star also agreed to pay Mavrakis half of the royalties from projects that occurred during the course of their marriage.

Notoriously private by nature, McGregor recently shared some intimate thoughts on his grueling divorce process.

Ewan McGregor admits his family is still on the mend

Ewan McGregor admits it’s still a work in progress for him and his blended family. In the June issue of GQ, the “Trainspotting” star described the fallout from his 2020 divorce from his ex-wife. Eve Mavrakis. “A divorce in a family is a bomb that explodes in everyone’s life, in the lives of my children,” she said.

“The healing type of that is ongoing.” Since he and his longtime girlfriend, Mary Elizabeth Winsteadreportedly married in April, per People, we imagine any progress is welcome.

Ewan and Mavrakis’ 25-year-old daughter, Clara McGregor, infamously called Winstead a “piece of garbage” in the wake of her parents’ divorce. “It wasn’t my best moment,” Clara told The Times in an August 2018 interview. “It’s kind of hard to understand when you feel like you had this idea of ​​what the family unit is and then have that change,” she said.

However, things have changed so much for the McGregor clan that Clara even congratulated her father and Winstead on Instagram after the birth of their son, calling it “the best gift ever.”