Excalibur, the Pentagon sends Ukraine the highest precision bullet

The Pentagon has sent Ukraine its highest-precision artillery shell, the GPS-guided Excalibur, according to budget documents confirming the unannounced addition to the arsenal to fight the Russian invasion. It was to make it known Bloomberg quoted by the Ukrainian media. So far, officials have not responded to the dispatch of Excalibur, despite reports that they plan to plan supplies and already use the Kyiv army.

First used in Iraq in 2007

The Excalibur is a satellite-guided weapon that can strike within two meters of its target and was first used in Iraq in 2007 in the killing of al Qaeda leader Abu Jurah and his collaborators. Used in 155mm howitzers, the Army’s field artillery, the projectile was co-developed by Raytheon Missiles and Defense and Bae Systems Bofor. The Excalibur therefore allows commanders to focus on targets more precisely. It has a range of 40.5 kilometers, according to documents. The Department of Defense will spend $ 92 million in additional Congressional approved funds “to purchase replacement M982 Excalibur ammunition for those transferred to Ukraine in support of the international effort to counter Russian aggression,” according to a monthly budget document. last that had not previously been disclosed.