Exhibitions, from Ceroli to Natino Chirico, in Rome ‘Art in the Easter Egg’

The event conceived in 2022 by the well-known hair stylist Sergio Valente donates the proceeds of the charity exhibition to a non-profit organization every year. For 2023 the choice fell on the Life Inside Onlus Association founded by Eleonora Daniele, together with her sisters Elisa and Cosetta.

Mario Ceroli and Natino Chirico, Alviero Martini and Marino Midali, Enrico Miglio and Sabrina Persechino, Anastasia Kurakina and Fabio Canino are some of the ‘artists’ guests of the 16th edition of ‘L’Arte nell’Uovo di Pasqua’, the event created in 2022 by the well-known hair Stylist Sergio Valente. The egg symbol of Easter, which borders on the perfection of nature, depicted and reinterpreted by masters of contemporary art such as René Magritte, Salvador Dalì, Andy Warhol, Lucio Fontana has also become a symbol of ‘solidarity’ and shared intentions in recent years thanks to the historic event. The 2023 edition will take place tomorrow (from 7 pm) in the prestigious archaeological area of ​​the Stadio di Domiziano, under Piazza Navona, with an evening event, conducted by Cinzia Malvini (the live soundtrack of the evening will be interpreted by the voice of Loma and the DJ Musicama set).

There will be over 40 creations and artistic interpretations, which will have the egg as a source of inspiration. Unpublished works created for the occasion by renowned painters, sculptors and designers which will remain on display in the Stadio di Domiziano (Via di Tor Sanguigna, 3) from 6 to 12 April all day (from 10 to 18). Godmother of the event will be the journalist, author and presenter Eleonora Daniele. The councilor for Major Events, Sport, Tourism and Fashion of Rome Capital, Alessandro Onorato, is expected for an institutional greeting. The beneficiary non-profit organization identified this year by the ‘Gli Amici di Sergio Valente’ association will be the Life Inside Onlus association founded by Eleonora Daniele, together with her sisters Elisa and Cosetta. The Association aims to promote the cognitive development and social recovery of the disabled, with particular reference to autistic subjects, operates in the social and socio-health assistance sector and is inspired by the principles of social solidarity.

The fundraising, promoted by the Life Inside association, to which the funds obtained from the sale of the artistic works will be destined, will allow to support an integrated trekking project carried out by the Fateci posto Aps association, open to people with autism and their families and friends. Within the magnificent setting of the Appia Antica Park, the group of girls and boys with disabilities transforms from a ‘burden’ into a catalyst for an experience that improves the psychological well-being of all the participants. Numerous personalities from the world of art, culture and entertainment will contribute to the fundraising. Among these confirmed their presence, Enrica Bonaccorti, Anna Fendi, Valeria Marini, Beppe Convertini, Matilde Brandi, Stefania Orlando, Fabio Canino, Laura Lattuada, Samantha De Grenet, Yvone Sciò, Irene Ferri, Eva Grimaldi, Imma Battaglia, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Manila Nazzaro, Elena Russo. Among the artists, brands and maisons who have chosen to participate in the event with their work, Artmare, Arvedo Arvedi, Betty Bee, Patrizio Bitelli, Fulvio Bucelli, Erika Calesini, Giuliano Cardellini, Roberto Carullo, Mario Ceroli, Natino Chirico , Francisco Cordoba, Carlo Costantino, Maria d’Alessandro, Yuriko Damiani, Davide Dattola, Stefano Durante, Emanuele Pepe for Fabio Canino, Andrea Genovese, Gian Paolo Giannotti, Rosella Giorgetti, Fabio Grassi, Guerraz, Anastasia Kurakina, Andrea Paulicelli – Mama Design Lab.

And again, Enrico Manera, Alv by Alviero Martini, Martino Midali, Giancarlo Mastinelli, Enrico Miglio, Antonio Montariello, NaturePops, Federico Paris, Sabrina Persechino, R&M, Eugenio Rattà, Tobia Ravà, Marcello Reboani, Sergio Santamarina, Vira Shcherblyuk, V9991. it, Irene Veschi, Olga Volha Piashko.