Expensive fuel, in 2023 Italy will be one of the EU countries where a full tank costs the most

Facile.it: we are the nation, among those analysed, where today excise duties and taxes weigh more on the final price

In 2023 Italy has become one of the EU countries where filling up costs the most when in 2022 it was among the cheapest countries. It is the result of an analysis by Facile.it which made a comparison between how much it costs to fill up in Italy and in other European countries and calculated in which countries taxes have the greatest impact on the cost at the pump. From the analysis of the price of fuels in 12 EU countries it has therefore emerged that if in 2022, also thanks to the cuts on excise duties, Italian motorists were among those who spent the least on fuel, the beginning of 2023 has projected to the first places of the European classification with a sad record: we are the nation, among those analysed, where today excise duties and taxes weigh more on the final price.

The analysis, carried out taking into consideration the price of fuel reported by the European Commission and assuming the consumption of a small car with a distance of 10,000 km per year, showed that in 2022 the average expenditure incurred by the Italian motorist for petrol was equal to 1,008 euros, a value that earns our country seventh place among the twelve analysed, i.e., in addition to Italy, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

In the past year, the price of tanking has been higher in several countries; in Denmark, for example, motorists spent 15% more than us (1,160 euros), in Greece 13% (1,140 euros) and in Germany 6% (1,069 euros). If France recorded values ​​very similar to those of Italy (1,005 euros), Austrian motorists were decidedly more fortunate, for whom spending was 5% lower than that incurred by our compatriots (960 euros) and especially those of Slovenia (-18%; 830 euros); prices that explain why many Italians often cross borders to refuel in these countries.

If we look at the price of diesel, however, notes Facile.it, the expenditure incurred in 2022 by the Italian motorist in the example was equal to 1,009 euros, a value that earns our country the fourth last position in the ranking of the twelve .

Only Portugal (-1%, 998 euros), Spain (-1%, 997 euros) and, once again, Slovenia (-10%, 909 euros) are doing better than us. Black jersey of costs for Sweden, where motorists in 2022 spent 1,275 euros on diesel (+21% compared to Italy); in second place among the most expensive countries is Denmark (1,091 euros, ie 8% more than our nation).