Expensive gas, Giorgianni: “Without government measures, price increases by 59%”

Resources stop cutting excise duties for high-bill aid, Spain also canceled fuel contribution

The first benefits of the drop in gas prices will be visible “in the first months” of this year. Without government intervention, the increases would have been “59%”. Letizia Giorgianni underlines this in an interview with Adnkronos.

“The measures put in place with the raising of the Isee bar from 12 thousand to 15 thousand are positive and meet the difficulties of families on expensive bills. Without government intervention – he concludes – it is estimated that electricity and gas bills would have increased by 65% ​​and 59%”.

The FdI deputy also dwells on the stop al cut of excise duties. “It was a temporary measure that the Draghi government had decided to implement to try to stem the sharp rise in petrol and diesel prices. The measure had a significant cost for the state coffers (about 7 billion euros until the end of November), resources which they have now been diverted in other directions“, explains the parliamentarian who has been in the front row in recent years in defending the rights of savers defrauded by failed banks.

“The government, in fact – he specifies – given the tight budgets, had to make choices which, unlike the cut in excise duties (which all citizens were able to benefit from, regardless of income), could go towards improving the economic conditions of the groups in difficulty, such as the bill bonus, where the Isee bar goes from 12 thousand to 15 thousand euros, the increase in minimum pensions, the cut in the tax wedge, etc”.

In any case, Giorgianni observes, “the decision not to renew the cut on fuel excise duties comes at a time when However, petrol and diesel prices have fallen significantly compared to the peaks several months ago. With regard to energy costs, thanks to the price cap strongly desired by Meloni, the price of gas has returned to pre-war levels and fuels, despite the provisional measure to control prices not being extended, have not exceeded 2 euros”. only, he concludes, “in Spain since 1 January the left-wing government he took off the fuel contribution just like usfollowing the logic that having lowered the price of the raw material, it was no longer necessary”.