Expensive rentals, Conte to Meloni: “There’s a country that screams, if you’re there, strike a blow”

The M5S leader: “All of our proposals rejected by the government”

“After Milan, in many Italian cities student tent cities are multiplying in front of universities to protest against high rents and the housing emergency. A scourge that the right has helped to spread by cutting the fund for innocent arrears and the one destined to support the rents”. So Giuseppe Conte on Facebook. “A drama that day after day involves more and more families hit hard by the surge in mortgage payments”.

“In response, the government ministers shrug and offer no solutions, rather sending the ball into the stands, with a blame-buck who only knows how to point the finger at other administrations. Meanwhile, the profits of the banks, precisely with the contribution of the increase in rates, have increased by 200%”.

“We – underlines the M5S leader – have filed a bill in Parliament to establish a support fund for those who are unable to pay the loan installments, drawing on the enormous extra profits of the banks. In the budget law we had proposed a contribution on the extra profits of insurance and pharmaceutical multinationals, to help citizens bear the costs of the crisis”.

“We presented amendments to the Bill Decree – continues Conte – to increase the tax breaks on the interest paid on mortgage installments and to refinance both the Rent Fund and the Innocent Arrears Fund. All these proposals were rejected by the Government”.

“For us, the right to housing must really be protected, in deeds, not in chatter. To Giorgia Meloni I say: there is a country that shouts and throws its worries on the government’s table. In the pandemic, you promised 1000 euros with a click on citizens. We are not proposing unattainable measures, but concrete and urgent interventions. Now from Palazzo Chigi, if you’re there, strike a beat”.