Experts and religious, the climatic situation is serious, we are looking for solutions

The Earth is ill, indeed, it has a horse fever. The data, merciless, presented by the director of thePolar Sciences Institute of the Cnr during the conference ‘Our mission: Taking care of the Earth’organized by Environment last Friday at the Monstero di Marango in Caorle (VE), they certify the degree of suffering of our planet.

Increasingly hot temperatures, rapid melting of ice, rising sea levels, progressive acidification of ocean water, with consequences related to the loss of biodiversity in the marine ecosystem. Changes that once took place over several hundreds of thousands of years are now materializing within a few decades.

“The situation is particularly serious, we are no longer in the presence of climate change but it is more correct to say that we are in the midst of a climate crisis characterized by a sharp and sudden increase in temperatures caused by the release of enormous quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. ; that the fault of all this is man is now undeniable, even the political class has become aware of the seriousness of the problem and this makes me optimistic ”, says the director of the Institute of Polar Sciences of the CNR, Carlo Barbante.