Experts in IT security, anesthetists and live-in housekeepers: these are the unobtainable workers

The ranking of the most searched for positions that remain discovered the longest

Experts in IT security and cyber security engineersbut also live-in housekeepers and anesthetists. Indeed – a site for those seeking and offering work – examined the job adverts, posted on its portal from 1 January to the end of November 2023, and drew up the ranking of the so-called ‘hard to fill’ positions, i.e. those that remain uncovered for 2 months or more.

The digital locations that cannot be found

More than 75% of ads search for positions ‘Security engineer‘, posted on Indeed during the period under review, remained open for over 60 days. The situation is similar for searches of ‘Cybersecurity engineer‘ (72%). Technological evolution has led to an exponential increase in digital data and sensitive information being shared online. This has made organizations more vulnerable to cyber attacks, hacking and data theft. To protect themselves, businesses need highly trained professionals who can ensure the security of their networks and systems.

The other positions related to the ICT world that appear in the ranking range from ‘digital sales account’, in fourth position, to ‘firmware engineer’, ranked seventh. And then again ‘java developer’ (11th), ‘electronic engineer’ (12th) and ‘front end developer’ (13th), with respectively 59%, 58% and 55% of ads that remain open for more than 60 days. Data that clearly indicates that there is a strong demand for IT professionals in the Italian job market. However, there appears to be a shortage of qualified candidates who can fill this gap, making these positions difficult to fill.

“In an increasingly digitalized world, IT security roles are among the most in-demand on the market. A sector that offers numerous opportunities for current and future professionals to build rewarding and long-lasting careers,” says Roberto Colarossi, senior sales director for Indeed in Italy. “Not forgetting that professionals with advanced skills in these fields have great negotiating power when it comes to salaries and benefits,” he explains again.

Maids, hair stylists and doctors: other workers who cannot be found

With almost 68% of job advertisements remaining uncovered for over 60 days, we find live-in housekeepers in fifth place in the ranking, almost as difficult to find as hair stylists who occupy sixth place with 67%. The nationwide shortage of doctors is no surprise, a situation that is also reflected in Indeed’s analysis. Anesthesiologist (8th), radiologist (9th) and neurologist (10th) have a significant percentage of job offers still open after 60 days with 62%, 60% and 59% respectively. According to Colarossi: “From ICT to healthcare, the skills required are increasingly specialized and the demand for qualified professionals often exceeds supply. This underlines the importance for companies and institutions to invest in continuous training and skills development to encourage the meeting between supply and demand”, he concludes.