Explora Museum and Ismea together for healthy eating and the fight against waste

At the Children’s Museum of Rome, Explora, the new permanent exhibition dedicated to the discovery of the agri-food supply chain was inaugurated, “Mercato” to convey to girls and boys, through the experience played, the value of a healthy diet, understand the meaning of food safety, reflect on the theme of Sustainable Development and the fight against food waste, experimenting with good practices in consumption and purchases.

The new exhibition was born from the meeting between Explora and Ismea Institute of Services for the Agricultural Food Market, both with the strong desire to support children in this phase of knowledge and awareness. The space, open to the public during all visits, becomes a point of reference for an experience of fun and discovery.

The first opening weekend of Mercato, the new shopping space of the Explora museum, is approaching. A design suitable for children to learn, by playing, all the secrets related to food, in line with the 17 Goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Products from the garden, fruit, gastronomy, personal hygiene items, frozen and fresh are the macro-areas of the new space: foods that arrive in our homes through paths of which sometimes, even the grown-ups, ignore the stages. Mercato is a space for food education that looks like a large supermarket: in addition to shopping, children can understand and know the supply chain, deepen the traceability of products and learn how to read the label, thus increasing awareness during the purchase phase. .

The shopping experience is associated with a digital in-depth study on the origin of the products, seasonality, water footprint and nutritional values, through an interactive wall with software developed ad hoc by the Explora museum.

“Market is not just a space to play a role-playing game – which is however fundamental for the development of children – but it represents an in-depth set-up, of discovery and awareness. A space in which you play shopping and you thanks to informal learning, it approaches issues that are now fundamental for Sustainable Development. For example, the agri-food chain, which we should all know for a more informed, healthy and balanced shopping, or the issue of food waste that unfortunately still affects us today ” says Patrizia Tomasich, president of the museum.

“With the ‘Market’, we want to explain to the little ones through playful experimentation what are the processes that bring the products we eat to the table, bring them closer to issues such as the choice of products based on their seasonality, the promotion of variety and food km0: these aspects are certainly important to ensure that children become responsible future consumers, aware of the richness of our agri-food heritage. – declares Maria Chiara Zaganelli, general manager of Ismea – This is why we supported this project with the Explora Museum, certain that the message will be conveyed to children and their families in an informal context, capable of encouraging learning through experience “.