Expo 2030, Fiorello’s scratch on the Rome flop: “With 30 million at most you cover a hole”

The showman’s irony: “If anything, we should have replaced the she-wolf with a she-camel. Do we have holes? Let’s dig! Maybe we’ll find oil”

Fiorello’s ironic comment could not ignore the failure to assign Expo 2030 to Rome, which will be held in Riyadh. “With 30 million in Rome you cover a hole. If anything, it was necessary to replace the she-wolf with a she-camel. Do we have potholes? Let’s dig! Maybe we’ll find oil”, said the Sicilian showman in today’s episode of ‘Viva Rai2’.

Fiorello’s press review began right fromthe anger of the Mayor of Rome Gualtieri. “The mayor declared that the Saudis would spread thanks to pedrodollars. But that’s not the case… Do you think the Saudis buy things? Like the World Cup in Qatar, the Expo, the Olympics… – Fiorello says ironically – You’ll see that they’ll host the next Unity celebration there”.

“But, Gualtieri – continued Fiorello – “something had to be done, to entice the judges. We we invested 30 million, against 190. With 30 million in Rome you cover a hole. Perhaps the she-wolf of Rome should have been replaced with a she-camel! For example, do we have potholes? Let’s dig! Maybe we’ll find oil.” But the showman’s irony doesn’t stop there. “We congratulate Riyadh, thanks to Matteo Renzi’s appeal. Do you know what Bin Salman, Renzi’s friend, said when he saw that Riyadh was first? It seems that he looked at the camera and exclaimed: ‘Come on! …’. And regarding third-place Italy he added: “Not even San Marino voted for us!”.

Fiorello then continued with news related to the Government and the Pnrr: “Because we are TeleMelons,” he exclaimed. “Brussels has given the green light to the fourth instalment. That’s 102 billion… There’s only one problem: we then have to give it back to them. How do we do it, with Satispay perhaps? As a gift we will receive two ergonomic pillows and a comfortable duvet for cold nights.”

The episode continued with jokes, music and dances (musical guests of the episode Coez and Frah Quintale), until reaching new findings on the Morgan-X Factor affair. “I have a mole at Sky – revealed the showman – and I know for a fact that there are two opposing factions: the production company, Freemantle, which wanted Morgan’s return, and Sky, which didn’t want it”, said Fiorello, explaining that in the end Sky’s will prevailed: “Stop Morgan”.