Expo Dubai, at the Italian Pavilion, a beacon of beauty, research, technology and innovation

Comparison between the Bracco Group, Cnr and the Ministry for University and Research

Beauty, research, technology, innovation and examples of public-private aggregation as development models for the Italian challenges on life sciences were at the center of the discussion yesterday between the Bracco group, Cnr and the Ministry for University and Research at Expo 2020. Dubai. The Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Messa and the president of the CNR, Maria Chiara Carrozza met Fabrizio Grillo, General Affairs and International Relations Director of the Bracco Group, in the Orti di Padiglione Italia at Expo 2020 Dubai, in front of the installation The Beauty of Imaging, the multimedia work inspired by diagnostic imaging, by Bracco.

“It is not only beauty but it is what lies behind beauty – the Minister Mass opened the dialogue, invited to comment on the installation and its meaning – you spoke of the beyond, of going beyond and I believe that in the medicine of today it is necessary to go beyond in a general sense, beyond what one sees, beyond what one also hears, for example, understanding a signal in images, which are the chemical, biochemical and molecule movements, because only this can lead to the right therapy. The beautiful thing about today’s images – continued the Minister – is that they go down to the infinitely small: we have learned that you can also see proteins and this always comes from the technology of images, so it is important to know them, study and continue to do research”.

Speaking about the upcoming challenges that await Italy in the scientific field thanks to the great occasion of the PNR, the Minister added: “the PNRR will be a unique opportunity to invest the funds we have available now to create greater collaboration between public and private, in research and innovation, and this is what we wanted to do: finance large partnerships, large supply chains, give the critical mass of our research in the country and ensure that these large foundations or consortia, which will merge, can , from 2025 onwards, to walk on one’s own legs “.

“What has this 4-meter giant of ours transmitted to you, which speaks of science and knowledge to the general public?” Fabrizio Grillo, General Affairs and International Relations Director of the Bracco Group asked the President of the CNR Maria Chiara Carrozza. “Surely in this pavilion also dedicated to research, science and technology, this giant in the middle of the green – underlines Carrozza – represents sustainability, new technologies and looking inside the human body through all available technologies. work that also has a concept of overall vision of what Italy is today: high technology, imaging, robotics but also green and compatibility. A very important message “.

Invited by dr. Grillo to intervene on the projects underway at Cnr Carrozza added: “Cnr is a great resource for the country, it represents thousands and thousands of researchers. We are trying to implement the recovery plan desired by the government and to open new frontiers of collaboration international, here in Dubai in particular, and then also with companies, for example Bracco but also the whole Italian industrial system “.

A final reflection then went on the Trade Winds National Life Sciences National Technology Cluster: “We held 4 events during the 6 months of Expo – declared F. Grillo – clearly in collaboration with the Commissariat and Commissioner General Glisenti, and we are proud of having done so as Diana Bracco is President of the Cluster. I know that Prof.ssa Carrozza is very keen on Alisei as a great aggregation project, which today is increasingly necessary to tackle science, technology and research “. Surely the Cluster, concludes Carrozza, “is an example of public private aggregation both to promote research, science, transfer and transnationality, and to start new projects and also give life to greater listening and a closer relationship between the world of research of skills and that of technology. I hope that Alisei will know how to take the legacy of what has been done up to now, now also with the PNRR, and relaunch new concrete initiatives and therefore I will give all my support for this. “.