Extreme weather, from record heat to thunderstorms: what happens next week

Very hot start to the week with the African anticyclone Nerone, then fresh and unstable currents arriving in Italy from Northern Europe

From heat to storms. Next week in Italy will be extreme in terms of weather; after a start with record temperatures in many regions, a cyclone could descend from Northern Europe full of thunderstorms and hailstorms on the Peninsula, according to the experts of the website www.iLMeteo.it.

The first days of the new week will still be characterized by great heat due to a new pulsation of the scorching African anticyclone ‘Nero’ which will embrace a large part of the Mediterranean basin, the meteorologists explain. Given the origin of the air masses, i.e. the interior of the Sahara desert, the temperatures will reach well beyond the climatic averages with maximum peaks above 37-38°C, especially in the Po Valley, on the inland areas of the two islands higher (here it could even exceed 40°C) and on part of the Center (39°C in Florence and Rome with possible new thermal records for August).

However, the most interesting novelty concerns the second part of the week: in fact, broadening our gaze to the entire European chessboard, we can see how already from the afternoon of Thursday 24 August the descent of more unstable currents linked to a deep cyclone with the motor center on the North Europe could cause the first cracks in the anticyclonic field. Given the strong thermal contrasts between the pre-existing air, red-hot from the previous days, and the new, decidedly cooler, arriving air, we do not exclude the risk of even very intense phenomena with the possibility of local hailstorms and gusts of wind first on the Alpine arc then extending to the nearby northern plains.

Subsequently, the unstable currents should be able to break through towards the central-southern regions during Friday 25 and the following weekend, causing intense thunderstorms in these sectors as well. In this context, temperatures would suffer a significant decrease, thanks also to the winds from the northern quadrants.

For the exact location of the thunderstorms it will naturally be necessary to wait a few more days as the trajectory of the unstable currents is currently uncertain; for this reason other sectors could also be involved. For now we can say that it seems that this time the hot anticyclone Nero can suffer a decisive checkmate.