F-16 fighter, Zelensky: “A serious and powerful offer from the allies”

An offer defined as “serious and powerful”. This is what the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, spoke about with regard to the F-16 fighter jets proposed by the allied countries. It emerged after the Kiev leader’s visit to Moldavia where a meeting took place with the leaders who confirmed their willingness to supply F-16 aircraft to Ukraine. (RUSSIA – UKRAINE WAR: LIVE NEWS)

Waiting for definitive agreements

“Our partners know how many aircraft we need. I am very happy with the information I received from some countries. It was a serious and powerful offer,” Zelensky underlined. Kiev, as also reported by the Reuters agency, awaits a definitive agreement with the allies, including “a joint agreement with the United States”. With this in mind, last month the American president, Joe Biden, had declared to the leaders of the G7 that Washington supported joint allied training programs for Ukrainian pilots on F-16s. But National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said there was still no final decision on Washington sending planes.

The Ukrainian F-16 request and the Russian response

Zelensky himself has repeatedly requested F-16 jets, saying that their presence in Ukraine would be a clear signal from the world that Russia’s invasion could end with Moscow’s defeat. Russia itself has made it known that US-built F-16 fighters can “house” nuclear weapons and has warned that supplying them to Kiev could further escalate the conflict.