F-35 does not take off and crashes into the sea – Video

The images spread on social media send the British navy into a tailspin

The take-off fails and the F-35 crashes into the sea. The leaders of the British Royal Navy are furiously looking for the sailor who circulated online the video of the F-35 B crashed into the sea during the take-off phase from the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier. The 16-second video, which documents the incident dating back to November 17, was posted on Twitter and then relaunched by the media. The video appears to have been copied with a smartphone, taking images of the aircraft carrier’s security cameras from an internal monitor.

This is a serious breach of safety regulations, especially after the accident triggered a frantic search for the wreck by the British Navy, for fear that the plane – and its secret technologies – would be tracked down by opposing powers. such as Russia and China.

The causes of the accident, which cost British taxpayers 100 million pounds, so much is the value of an F-35B, are being investigated, but it is believed that the plane crashed due to the rain cover accidentally left on the fuselage, sucked in. from one of the engines. The pilot managed to eject himself from the cockpit of the plane, before it crashed from the take-off deck and was not damaged. In the footage, his parachute is seen circling in the air.