F1, Hamilton: “Me in Ferrari? Just speculation”

The driver: “My team is working to finalize the negotiation on the new contract with Mercedes”

Future at Ferrari? “Just speculationmy team is working on the definition of the negotiation on the new contract with Mercedes and here we are. Ferrari didn’t look for me”. So Lewis Hamilton at the press conference on the eve of the Monte Carlo GP weekend.

Hamilton to Ferrari, the indiscretion of the English press

The Daily Mail launched the news of Hamilton’s possible move to Ferrari. “Ferrari is ready to offer Lewis Hamilton the chance to win his eighth dream world championship with his famous red car,” wrote the tabloid in recent days, according to which the English driver would have been offered a million pounds, over 46 million euros.

Hamilotn and Mercedes, the contract

Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes, added the British newspaper, expires at the end of the season but “Mercedes remains firmly in the thoughts of the 38-year-old”. In the event of a move to Ferrari, the main hypothesis is to place Hamilton alongside Charles Leclerc, without however ruling out the possibility of a Ferrari-Mercedes exchange between the two main drivers, therefore Hamilton in the Reds and Leclerc in Mercedes.