F1, Tom Cruise and Shakira together at the Miami GP

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In the VIP parade that featured the Formula 1 Grand Prix which took place at Miami last May 7thone odd couple attracted media and public attention both in the stands and in the pits: Shakira and Tom Cruise. The Colombian singer and the Hollywood star were paparazzi throughout the sporting event as they enjoyed each other’s company. It goes without saying that the meeting has inflamed fans who are already wondering if there could be something more than just friendship between the two.

The meeting in Miami for the Formula 1 Grand Prix

Among the stars of sport, showbiz and beyond who took part as special spectators at the Formula 1 GP in Miami – a parterre in which, among others, stood out Vin Diesel, Jeff Bezos, Roger Federer and Elon Musk – Tom Cruise and Shakira haven’t gone unnoticed, especially for the ease and complicity which they showed in front of the lenses of photographers and cameramen.
The American actor and the Colombian pop star have decided to spend Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium. For both, it was an afternoon free from the busy schedules of their respective agendas.
Cruise, which is on the eve of the presenting season of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Onein recent days, in addition to having virtually taken part in the celebrations for the coronation of King Charles III with a greeting video message for the new British ruler, he collected another accolade for his performance in Top Gun: Maverick at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.
Shakira, for her part, has only moved for a few weeks in Miami with the children, a change of residence linked to her controversial separation from Gerard Piqué. The artist, who had lived in Barcelona for a very long time, moved home and continent to guarantee his family the serenity lost due to his personal events. The singer who has repeatedly reiterated that she wants more privacy for her family and for her two children (Milan and Sasha born from her relationship with the Spanish champion) said she felt persecuted by the media and that she had moved to start a new life.

Shakira’s new single life

Is there room for a new love in Shakira’s new life? Difficult to say and it is even more difficult to put forward hypotheses on a special frequentation between her and the star War of the Worlds. Although the two appeared to be in good harmony while chatting and having fun in the pits throughout the race, nothing suggests that there could be anything else between the two.
Moreover, the Colombian has publicly clarified that at this moment it is focused only on itself.

At the recent Billboard’s Latin Women in Music where she was awarded as Woman of the Year, the singer said she’s happy to be able to look back on a season where she forgot to be true to herself. In Shakira’s award acceptance speech, which she hinted at her love and fidelity theme without mentioning her ex-boyfriend, she underlined how important it is for every woman don’t get lost in sight even when looking for love, a lesson she learned the hard way.