Fabbri arranged Battisti’s hits for guitar, “Brillano even muti”

“The songs of Lucio Battisti also shine mute”. He is the guitarist Roberto Fabbri, returning from a long and successful tour in the US, to speak like this at Adnkronos. But her words are not just words, because there is an entire and laborious project to prove it: her new book with CD entitled ‘Lucio Battisti 14 great hits arranged for guitar‘, published by Hal Leonard Europe, and presented at the Cremona Fair.

“When Hal Leonard gave me the opportunity to make these transcriptions – he says – I realized I could make my old dream come true; what guitarist, from whatever background it is: classical, jazz, pop has never played a Battisti song? None !!! These songs are in our DNA because Battisti, even before being a songwriter, was a guitarist and also a good one! – Fabbri tells us. However, I wanted to raise the ‘bar’, show that his pieces are pure music, like the Beatles songs that have had countless instrumental versions, Battisti’s songs deserved to have their own instrumental version that would highlight the absolute compositional value even apart from the wonderful texts of Mogol, what better instrument then than his beloved guitar? “.

In this work Fabbri has therefore arranged for solo guitar the wonderful songs of the Rieti singer-songwriter which, performed by the six strings, are able to evoke the unspoken words in the mind of the listener. The arrangements of him will be distributed by Sony Italy on its digital channels together with the video clip of “Amarsi un pò” in guitar and strings version, made by director Sara Ceracchi, which will be available on Vevo. Fabbri’s guitar has already demonstrated in the past with his three solo CDs of original pieces; “Beyond”, “No Words” and “In your eyes” of knowing how to tell stories, this time the “stories” are by Battisti / Mogol. Fabbri recorded the cd with his wonderful Ramirez guitar, the same instrument used by the great Andrés Segovia, this cd will bring the general public closer to the knowledge of classical guitar, while the attached book will give the opportunity to those who want it, to play Battisti’s songs like never before.