Fabi-Silvestri-Gazzè, a unique date in Rome to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the album together

Ten years after the foundation of the supergroup, an unforgettable tour and an album that marked the recent history of Italian music, Niccolò Fabi, Daniele Silvestri and Max Gazzè return together to celebrate the anniversary of The Master of the Party. The album, which united the three musicians who have always been friends for the first time in a single project, will be celebrated on July 6th at the Circo Massimo in Rome with a unique and unrepeatable date.

The master of the party

It was 2014 when Fabi, Silvestri and Gazzè, after a trip to South Sudan, decided to work on a collective album, focusing on the desire to write songs together and demonstrating that, despite years of individual careers, it is possible to make oneself available of the other in favor of art, moving away from mere market logic.


The three share a common artistic path. Their story began in Rome in the early 90s, when each of the three was committed to taking their first steps in music. A moment during which the profile of a complicit and close-knit musical scene was taking shape in Rome, in which it was not difficult for voices, words, instruments, musical affinities and divergences to intersect on a single stage, also giving rise to friendships destined to last in time.


The exact same spirit gave rise to The master of the party and today it is renewed with the announcement of the 6th July appointment at the Circus Maximus. The three musicians will retrace live, for the first time after 10 years, their first and only album together, certified double platinum and part of a journey that had engaged them for almost two years on a European tour, a great tour of the main Italian sports halls and two memorable live events, at the Verona Arena and Rock in Roma.

And in this festive atmosphere the three artists will be in excellent company, with musicians and friends with whom they have always shared stages. The city is theirs, Rome, which in this case unites all of Italy, and the location is among the most symbolic, the Circus Maximus.


In the setlist there will be all the songs of The Master of the Party, a very timely album for the themes addressed, which, starting from the title, has placed at its centre, a profound reflection on the environmental and climate crisis and the fragility of the planet. An incredibly precious project for what it represents, an indelible testimony of a school that is the heritage of Italian music. But there will be no shortage, like 10 years ago, of the forays into each other’s pieces – even into those that have been added in the meantime in these 10 intense and prolific years for all 3 protagonists – so as to be able to relive another night like a real band.


Pre-sales of the concert-event (produced by Francesco Barbaro for OTR Live and organized by The Base) are available from 11.00 tomorrow, Tuesday 28 November, on ticketone and in all the usual points of sale.