Fabio De Luigi lands on Instagram: the first shot published is hilarious

Fabio De Luigi lands on social media: the comedian, up to now absent from the platform, has decided to open an account on Instagram. “My son says doing Instagram is right,” reads the biography accompanying the profile. But not only that, Fabio De Luigi has also decided to publish a first hilarious selfie, in which he immortalizes himself wearing a blonde wig: “Not to brag, but I was Ken since 2017”. No way: even Fabio De Luigi was overwhelmed by Barbie-mania!

Fabio De Luigi also conquers social networks

Fabio De Luigi, born in 1967, is one of the most beloved comedians of the Italian film scene. The actor, after achieving notoriety with his participation in Zelig, has become the face of a long series of comedy programs and sitcoms, including the successful Love bugs, with which he first starred alongside Michelle Hunziker and then Elisabetta Canalis. Then there was also the cinema waiting for him: da Christmas in New York And Christmas in Rio by Neri Parenti, a The friends of the Margherita bar by Pupi Avati fino happy family by Gabriele Salvatores e Males against females by Fausto Brizzi, it is impossible to mention all the films in which Fabio De Luigi took part. Furthermore, on the big screen, the actor from Romagna has not only demonstrated his hilarious comedy, but also his acting skills in dramatic roles: just remember his interpretation of the social worker Beppe Trecca in the film Like God commands by Gabriele Salvatores. If in his long theatrical, television and cinematographic activity, Fabio De Luigi therefore made thousands of Italians laugh and excite, there was still only one field to be explored: the world of social networks.

Fabio De Luigi’s first shot

There are many celebrities who got caught up in the Barbie-mania, the new summer 2023 fashion dominated by the pink hues of the already Greta Gerwig’s iconic film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. After Selena Gomez, who organized a themed screening Barbie for its 31st birthdayor John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, who spent a holiday dressed as Barbie and Ken, Fabio De Luigi also wanted to ride the trend of the moment but, obviously, in a completely new and self-deprecating way. The great comedian has in fact landed on Instagram, and he did it in the most hilarious of ways: the first photograph published shows him smiling in the foreground, wearing a voluminous blonde wig. “Not to brag but I was Ken since 2017”, De Luigi wrote. The reactions from the fans obviously didn’t take long to arrive: “From today Instagram is a better place”, “I’ve been waiting for this day for years” or “You’ve finally arrived” are just some of the hundreds of comments that rained down on his profile.