“Fabio Fazio was disappointed”: the singer reveals everything suddenly

The famous singer reveals in an interview with Il Messaggero a background on Fabio Fazio with whom he worked for some time.

Always in high demand on TV, the singer we all know wanted to speak to The messenger of the new experience that would await her shortly after accepting a proposal in a very popular program. Inevitably, the speech also ended up on the context he had previously belonged to and of which the journalist is also a part Fabio Fazio.

Fabio Fazio what comes out (Credits: RaiPlay)

On him, the artist revealed what his real reaction was to the news of his farewell to Rai to land at Mediaset. You say that Piersilvio Berlusconi made them a really attractive economic offer and that the conductor of What’s the weather like he didn’t take it very well at first.

Even if the Biscione did his utmost to have her in the company, she is certainly a beloved character. With his voice she has conquered a place among the icons of Italian music, but her sympathy and his personality have made her a true legend even on the small screen. Among other things, this transfer to Mediaset falls precisely in 60th year of his extraordinary career: in 1962 his first single was released and, to celebrate the important milestone, he will have a show of his own in two episodes in prime time. Got who we are talking about?

Fabio Fazio, unexpected revelation: what the beloved singer said about him

The famous face of music who has decided to change his career by moving from Rai to Mediaset is right Orietta Berti. As everyone knows, the “nightingale of Cavriago ‘accepted the proposal of Alfonso Signorini to take on the role of the columnist of this seventh edition of GF Vip in place of Adriana Volpe.

To convince her was the remarkable cachet: “Money. So many ”, she admitted very frankly to the well-known Roman newspaper. Berti obviously had to say goodbye What’s the weather likewhere she was a regular guest of Fabio Fazio for several years. With regard to the conductor, Rai revealed that he was a little disappointed: “A little bit, I explained to him that it was an offer that I could not refuse. In the end he came up with a reason “. Orietta then let it be known that even Amadeus would not say yes if she were to propose to collaborate with him and Morandi at the Sanremo Festival next year: “With Sanremo I have already given last year and this year. I prefer to do something else now ”.

Meanwhile, now that the GF Vip it started a few weeks ago, what do you think of the legendary singer of One thousand in this new role?

Fabio Fazio singer
Fabio Fazio unexpected revelation (Credits: Instagram)

We find that with Sonia Bruganelli forms a truly exceptional couple, and you?