Fabio Rovazzi at dinner with John Cena, former WWE star and actor in ‘Fast X’

The two talk about the future, careers and cars. The star reveals that Vin Diesel is the real glue of the set of the Fast & Furious saga

“I chose to have this dinner with you because in Italy ‘the dinner’ is called ‘cena'”. This is how singer and youtuber Fabio Rovazzi breaks the ice in the dinner interview (available on his YouTube profile and made in collaboration with Sky) with the most famous former wrestler in the world, John Cena, one of the protagonists of the tenth chapter of the saga ‘ Fast & Furious’ from yesterday, May 18, at the cinema. The pun was born from a suggestion by the comedian Maccio Capatonda. John smiles kindly and replies: “Yes, I like it. This dinner is perfect, it makes me feel good”. Rovazzi said that during his childhood Cena was a star for all his friends who had a poster of the former World Wrestling Entertainment (Wwe) athlete in their room. Now he is a Hollywood star again. When asked what his plan is for the future, the actor replied: “My plan is to never take life for granted. And my goal is to try to learn every day.”

The singer complimented Cena for his acting performance in ‘Fast 9’ in which he took his heart with his dramatic expression and encouraged him to consider such a role. The former wrestler thanked him for the flattering words. “I’ve been really lucky to work with very qualified people who have helped me improve in Wwe – confesses Cena – I didn’t start so well but then I was able to confront myself with opponents who brought out the best in me and I learned from them. It’s pretty much the same in the movies. I’ve been very fortunate to be surrounded by qualified people who make me better.”

Cena’s favorite car brands, revealed to Rovazzi, are Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani. “Italian cars have such a passion – he admits – The passion for wanting to go fast or the passion for styling is incredible. And to be in a franchise that values ​​them and represents them as much as the cars themselves, is very special.” According to Rovazzi we have some problems in Italy but with “food, cars and football we are good”.

The singer also asked him why he uses Instagram in a bizarre way by posting photos of the Hulk’s toilet and other bizarre images. The response was, “Do you see the painting behind you? I like posting the images as if they were a painting. And then having people look at it and say, ‘I wonder what they were thinking when they did that.’ ‘is no artist who will tell you ‘These were my thoughts’. I wanted to try and create the feeling of an art gallery, where I curate the images and post them with the thoughts ringing in my mind but without explaining anything. So everything that’s released has a connection to me in some way. And it kind of allows anyone who’s watching it to try and figure it out.”

Rovazzi concluded the interview with a question about whether the Fast & Furious crew is a family behind the camera as well. The actor said yes explaining that they are united like in no other set. “Fast X was a little different because for the first time the family wasn’t together. They all went their separate ways following their own storyline, so this time we didn’t see each other around much. […] There’s usually a lot of bonding on and off the set and that mostly starts with Vin. I think it’s really key in making sure we all spend time together and have a great experience on and off set.”