Fabio Volo is very much loved today, but do you know what he did before his success?

Fabio Volo, what he did before his success: the writer worked together with his father.

Fabio Volo is an Italian actor, writer, radio and television host, screenwriter and voice actor. He was born in Calcinate, in the province of Bergamo, in 1972. His name is Fabio Bonetti, but he chose to change it, thanks to one of his songs, which inspired him. In fact, the writer, between 1994 and 1996, tried to become a singer.

Fabio Volo is very famous today, but what did he do before hitting success? (source getty)

One of his first singles was called Fly and so he decided to nickname himself Fabio Volo. Today, it is known by its stage name. After abandoning his musical career, he enters the world of radio, becoming one of the leading conductors of Radio Capital. Subsequently, he also goes to television and begins to make himself known in the world of cinema and publishing. In 2011, his novels sold over 5 million copies in Italy alone and were also translated into other languages. A great triumph, the result of so much commitment and sacrifice. Volo, in an interview with Repubblica, talking about himself, he also revealed what he did before he hit success.

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Fabio Volo worked together with his father: what he did before hitting success

We all know him by his stage name, Fabio Volo, but his real surname is Bonetti. The writer changed it many years ago when he attempted to move into the world of music. One of his first singles was called Fly, and so he decided to be called Fabio Volo.

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In recent years, he has become a successful writer and in 2011 his novels have sold over 5 million copies in Italy alone and have also been translated into other languages. His latest book, A new life, came out a few weeks ago, exactly the first publication was on November 9th. Before you hit success, though, do you know what it did?

Fabio Volo
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After earning the lower middle school certificate, leaves high school and starts working as a baker with his father: “I was 19 … I worked with my father at the bakery and at one point I said enough”, the actor told Repubblica. From that moment on, he decided to make a change in his life and he did.