Facchinetti, because his wife is richer than him: the ‘secret’ revealed

Francesco Facchinetti speaking with followers on social media has revealed why his wife is richer than him: here’s the whole truth.

Francesco Facchinetti, son of the keyboardist and singer of the Pooh, Roby Facchinetti, is known to the public. In fact, in recent years, by becoming part of the world of entertainment, he has had the opportunity to make himself known and appreciated. He has worked in various fields and is still the same today, so much so that he has established himself as a television host, disc jockey, singer and entrepreneur.

Francesco Facchinetti reveals why his wife is richer (credits: instagram) sologossip

In addition, he is also an important agent of famous people. Since he has never been with his hands in his pockets since his debut and has always worked, it is clear to imagine that he has expanded not only his career but also his wealth. In fact, Francis has always said that he lived a comfortable life and that he was in excellent economic condition. In these hours, speaking with his thousands of followers on social media, he has answered some questions related to his heritage.

The presenter opened the question box and a user, with all sincerity and great curiosity, asked him a particular and personal question: “Are you richer or Wilma?”. His answer was not long in coming and as he always did, it was quite exhaustive, revealing why his wife is richer than him.

Francesco Facchinetti, because his wife Wilma is richer: here’s the whole truth

Followed on social networks by a million followers, Francesco Facchinetti interacts with them publishing stories and many shots, but also videos in which he often focuses on an important theme. In the last few hours, speaking with fans, you have answered some questions. A user asked him: “Are you richer or Wilma?“, and he let it be known that his beloved has greater wealth, also revealing the reason.

Apparently, as Facchinetti revealed, Wilma Helena Faissol, this is his wife’s full name, he has much more money since his father owns an island and is a prominent dentist: “My wife’s dad first of all has an island, second of all he is considered the greatest dentist in the world“. She also revealed that her father-in-law created several things and one of them was sold to the US government. However, he did not go into the details of the matter.

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Why Facchinetti’s wife is richer: the truth (credits: instagram) only gossip

Furthermore, he added that although Wilma is richer, she doesn’t spend much. She says that being half Lebanese she is treated like a princess: “In Lebanon there is this custom… so women don’t have to spend their own money”. Here is the ‘secret’ revealed: apparently, between Francesco and his wife, the latter has a greater patrimony. We must then consider the fact that the woman does not use them frequently and the reason is linked to her origins.