Facebook and Instagram delete posts offering abortion pills

After the repeal of the Roe sentence against Wade, social media has become a firing ground for the ideological clash on the issue of abortion

Facebook and Instagram, the two social networks of the Meta group, are removing posts from users who offer access to abortion pills, citing the drug policy as the cause. Following the US Supreme Court’s decision to cancel the Roe v. Wade ruling, many social media users have started emailing abortion drugs for people living in states where termination health care. has been canceled, or will soon be. In many cases, it took less than a minute for the Facebook and Instagram algorithm to delete the offending posts: Meta strictly forbids the sale or even the free offer of firearms, marijuana and, of course, drugs of all kinds. Abortion Finder, a site that allows patients to search for clinics in the US that offer abortion assistance, saw his Instagram profile suspended last Sunday, evidently due to an error in the aforementioned algorithm: the page has already been restored.