Facebook, Democratic Senator Warren relaunches the “stew” idea

Facebook is experiencing one of the darkest times since its founding. At the beginning of October Frances Haugen, former data scientist of the company, began to tell the whole world about the faults and flaws in the system of the company created by Mark Zuckerberg. Reconstructions that have found tangible proof of their reliability in the so-called ‘Facebook Papers’. According to some, the Menlo Park company has reached a size and social weight that are unsustainable by a single group of executives. For this reason, in anticipation of tomorrow’s Connect Facebook, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren relaunches the hypothesis of a ‘stew’ via Twitter.

“Really, really, really necessary”

“Two years ago I thought there was a real need to separate Facebook. Today I think it’s really, really, really necessary, ”says Warren. The Massachusetts Senator has been in office since January 2013, at the start of Barack Obama’s second term. Progressive liberal, she made headlines as the anti-Wall Street champion.
Tomorrow will be held the annual Connect: the appointment dedicated to developers for which it has been rumored for days Zuckerberg has an ace up his sleeve ready to play. Numerous sources speculate a name change to the company that in addition to Facebook has Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and platforms dedicated to virtual reality such as Oculus under its wing. In 2015, Google made a similar choice by titling the holding company: ‘Alphabet’, so as to no longer just indicate the search engine. Zuckerberg could make a move like this by attempting to shake off recent difficulties and try to concentrate fully on creating the much-coveted ‘metaverse’.