‘Factor R’, from Cesena the challenges for the economy to come

Inflation and expensive energy worry analysts

TO ‘R factor‘, the Romagna Economic Forum also talked about the present and future of our economy, threatened in recent months by expensive energy and the increase in the cost of money. “Inflation is eroding household purchasing power so sooner or later demand will drop – he observes Stefano Rossetti, Deputy General Manager of Bper Banca – the costs of energy and implicit inflation weaken businesses. The Romagna structure is made up of different poles and different excellences and I believe that it will be able to adequately cope even with complicated moments “. Complicated moments that should last in 2023. According to Confindustria Romagna, after a 2021 post-pandemic recovery and a growing first half of 2022, difficult times await us.

“After having had an excellent first half of 2022 at national level – he explains Roberto Bozzi, president of Confindustria Romagna – in the second half of the year we begin to see growth close to zero. Obviously with these energy costs, with this inflation, with this cost of money that is continuing to rise it would already be a good result. 2023 will start badly we cannot be too hopeful, we just have to wait and see what happens then I’m sure from 2024 onwards, things will certainly start to improve”, He adds.

“I don’t envy the next minister of the economy – he comments Lucrezia Reichlin, Economist – because it will find itself in a scenario of enormous complexity, perhaps the most complex after that of the debt crisis of the two-year period 2011-2012, monetary policy plays against budget policy has a very limited space and the answers will certainly have to be European, Italy does not have the space to make a move on its owntherefore, for the new minister of the economy, his ability to act will be measured by his ability to be in Brussels with authority in a negotiating table ”, he concludes.