Faelli (Entain Italia): “Sport is one of the pillars of our business with social inclusion”

“The CSR Award is a project that was born about two years ago. We started with activities mainly related to the Covid emergency, but very soon we focused on social inclusion activities through sport. The CSR Award is also the end and the beginning of a process. It is the end of an activity – carried out in 2022 – of analyzing dozens and dozens of projects that have arrived on our desks, from which we have selected the ten best scattered throughout Italy, which seek to reward the value over time of this social inclusion. It is also the starting point, because from here these projects will be implemented during 2023. We will certainly organize a second edition of the CSR Award in 2024″. Said the CEO of Entain Italia, Andrea Faellion the sidelines of the award ceremony of the winners of the first edition of the CSR Award of the Entain Foundation in Rome.

Sport and social inclusion are pillars of the development of our society– adds Faelli – I believe that the return of part of the value generated by companies, such as the one I manage, on the territory and on sociality are fundamental. Sport for us is a key point of our business, but also for the social growth and inclusion of those who have difficulty entering this world for social, economic or physical reasons “, she concludes.