“Fake arm for vaccine, a protest”: speaks the dentist (vaccinated) from Biella

Guido Russo: “I wanted to create some audience. And then I got vaccinated”

“I used the fake arm to vaccinate myself to create a small protest. And the next day I got vaccinated.”. Doctor Guido Russo, a dentist from Biella, explains to Massimo Giletti in the Non è l’Arena office why he tried to vaccinate himself with a silicone arm.

“I didn’t want to cheat anyone. You could see from a distance that the arm was fake. I wanted to create a situation of confusion, to create a little audience to launch my little protest. It was a provocation for a personal protest, because the Italians now have the choice to get the vaccine. Some categories are obligatory, it is no longer a free choice “, says Russo, dwelling on his” provocation “.

“The doctors who swab one day and one day do not know they are not contagious. A vaccinated doctor can infect”, says Russo, accompanied to his office by his lawyer. “I didn’t want to cheat anyone, you could see it was fake. I asked the nurse to pretend nothing happened and let me go? I didn’t say anything like that,” he says again. “I didn’t want to offend anyone, I didn’t want to offend my colleagues”he says, repeating that the gesture represented “a protest”.

“I realized that my initiative had not worked. I was sad, I realized that I would have to get vaccinated to continue working. And the next day I got vaccinated“, says Russo pressed by Giletti.” I didn’t want to get vaccinated, but I never said that the vaccine is poison. The scene made at the vaccination center did not help. The vaccine is the only weapon we have“.