Falez is a candidate for Fisi: ‘We need president for the post-Roda, from me passion and experience’

I decided to run for the presidency of Fisi because I am Roman but I have a lot of mountains inside me, in my DNA and for the time I have dedicated to you. Second reason because there was the need to change president, given that the current number one, Flavio Roda, will not be able to stand for the fourth term, there is a law and a sentence of the Guarantee College. Starting from this assumption, I wanted to make my passion available, thinking that my personal characteristics, my professional experience and my ability to manage complex systems, can make a positive contribution to the Fisi of the future. My model will start from what Roda has done so far, to do more and better, but above all with a model different from the one used by him, a more open model“. Are the words with which Alessandro Falezin an interview with Adnkronos, announced his candidacy for the presidency of Fisi for the next elections.

The Roman entrepreneur has decided to introduce himself to propose a new model of Federation that, looking ahead, to better face the challenges of a new era. “What does it take to build the Fisi of tomorrow? Surely you have to adapt to the times. Roda has done a great job. He is a person I respect and appreciate and he did what was needed: he reorganized, he restored. He did it with a very centralized management.Today we need to take a step forward. We need a federation that can share, open up, that can be inclusive, listen to the needs that come from the territorywith a shared need and not with that of a single man in charge, to then make the best choice “, added Falez.

“A federation projected towards the future, in which things are done in a system, coordinating with all the major stakeholders, from ski clubs to professionals, from cableways to ski resorts, up to companies that produce clothing and technical equipment . The overall GDP of the winter sports system is about 3% of the national GDP, so let’s talk about a lot of money. If we manage to coordinate with all this system, obviously we will be able to seize the best opportunities for all the players in this game. So all together to do better and more, “added the presidential candidate of the Winter Sports federation.

The main objectives of Falez for Fisi are to “immediately involve a team of people who can assist me in this management. Fisi is the second most important federation after that of football, it manages a budget of about 40 million euros. , and 17 disciplines, and in this four-year period there will also be participation in the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympics. It is therefore necessary to identify the people with whom to share the overall design and then share the responsibilities, this is the first step to take, while the second is to understand what to do and for this the base must be involved.“, explained Falez who wants a Federation close to the needs of the affiliates, to the expectations of Technicians, Coaches and Masters for a professional, modern and multidisciplinary path.

To do this “my idea is to immediately convene, after my eventual election, the States General where everyone can participate, the ski clubs, the committees, the athletes. All the subjects who can make a contribution. States General that we could then repeat every year to understand the needs of the base “, explained Falez who for 10 years was President of the Lazio Ski Instructors College where he is now Honorary President.

“Two things come to mind: facilitate the activity of the ski clubs, because it is where athletes arise, and to the initial sacrifice of parents, what I did for 16 years with my children, must be answered by facilitating and accompanying them. The other is enhance the heritage of great champions. People who have given time, commitment and results. If we manage to recover them, making sure that we have continuity and do not feel abandoned, then they can become, thanks to their experience, a fertilizer for young people who are becoming champions and be an important business card in representing Fisi together with the president “.