Falez launches the candidacy for the presidency of Fisi, ‘Working as a team’

Alessandro Falez launched his candidacy for the presidency of the Italian Winter Sports Federation in Amaro, in the province of Udine. A proposal in contrast with the previous ten years: “My candidacy was born under a national law according to which the current president cannot carry out a further mandate. This has not yet been resolved by sports justice and a decision may even come at the last minute. We are all sportsmen and I also have my position: I will abide by the decision of sports justice. Administrative justice has different values ​​from this case. The college of guarantee has longer times than those set by the convocation of the assembly. We will see in the next few days ”.

Falez does not point the finger at the previous mandate: “In any case, Roda took over a disastrous federation and healed it“. For the future “I see a federation that overturns the order of values, which is founded on the basis and does not exploit ita fertile ground that can bear abundant fruit to be able to churn out champions who win many medals “.

“It is necessary to look at a great participation, not a ‘man alone in command’ but many people who can, with their preferences and objectives, see a result that is not just the sum of ten people, which is the number of federal councilors, but a higher result. I hope that the councilors will not be elected by wealth or by the territory they belong to, but by their abilities“. Falez is already looking at the important appointment of Milan-Cortina 2026, “we as a federation go to win many medals”, he concludes.