Family and business, stories of Cavalieri del Lavoro

The preface by Maurizio Sella: “A book that talks about history in which there is a lot of future”

A book that talks about history but in which there is a lot of future. The synthesis is made by the president of National Federation of Knights of Labor, Maurizio Sella, in the preface of the volume, available in bookstores since July 22 and online, ‘Famiglia e Impresa. Stories of Knights of Labor ‘, first volume of the series’ Stories of Businesses and Knights of Labor’.

“In the pages of this book that talks about history there is a lot of future. It might seem counterintuitive but it isn’t. This volume certainly speaks of history, but it does so from a very particular perspective, that of families who have seen at least two Cavalieri del Lavoro alternate among their ranks. Following its evolution means retracing some of the most significant stages of the innovative and modernizing drive that led to the birth of Made in Italy and allowed our country to become one of the most industrialized in the world “, writes Sella.

Through the stories of these families “it is possible to follow over a century of Italian entrepreneurial excellence, in which women and men gifted with vision, foresight, courage and work, without ever fearing to venture into new adventures in order to achieve their dreams, have conquered the future by acting in anticipation “.

Starting from an economic historical cross-section of the country from the beginning of the twentieth century to today, the volume collects the history of the families that include at least two Knights of Labor, one of which is in business. For each of the seventy-five stories, a summary of the entrepreneurial adventure has been drawn up over the span of several generations, from the founder to the present day, accompanied by as many biographical cards relating to all the members of the family awarded the honor of Cavaliere del Lavoro.

To complete the historical picture, with a look towards the future, the testimony of the Cavaliere del Lavoro in charge.

Family-sized companies represent the beating heart of the economic and social fabric not only in Italy and Europe, but also in the world. In Italy, in particular, family businesses account for about 85% of the total number of businesses and 65% of businesses with a turnover of more than 20 million euros.

From the manufacturing industry to design, from fashion to agriculture, from pharmaceuticals to shipbuilding, from logistics to large infrastructures, from credit to finance, from publishing to tourism, up to new information technologies, the stories of these seventy-five families represent a clear testimony of how the great entrepreneurial tradition knows how to renew itself in anticipatory solutions and, at times, even in discontinuity with the past.

Edited by the National Federation of Knights of Labor and published by Marsilio Arte, the volume inaugurates – on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Order, established in 1901 – a series dedicated to the stories of the excellence of Italian entrepreneurship.

The volume was introduced by a historical essay on “The family businesses of the Cavalieri del Lavoro in the history of the country’s industrial development” by Cecilia Dau Novelli. The historical cards were drawn up by Brigida Mascitti, the interviews with the Cavalieri del Lavoro were carried out by Cristian Fuschetto.