Family moves to Italy: “No more USA, too much racism”

An American family has decided to move to Italy to start a new life away from their country. The decision came after the murder of George Floyd because that fact “showed the world how we blacks in America have been treated for centuries,” said Nadine Dawkins, a 59-year-old woman who bought a house in Latronico, in province of Potenza, together with her husband Kim and their children Lorenzo and DeNae. The news was reported by CNN.

The decision

According to reports from the US newspaper, the family became interested in Latronico after reading an article by CNN on the Municipality’s initiative to sell cheap houses that are already habitable and not ruins for one euro. Reading her article in her home in El Paso, Texas, Nadine, a retired former soldier and businesswoman, felt the attraction of her ancestors: her great-great-grandfather was an Italian who emigrated to America in the 19th century .

Racism in the United States

“The racism, divisions and hatred that the last administration has brought to the fore” have caused an “exodus” from the United States of blacks who have the means to do so, Nadine explained. “Police brutality against black people, shootings and general hatred of this country is why we are leaving the United States.” The family will move to Panama shortly before making the final leap across the Atlantic at Latronico.

The new house

Their new home in the historic center of Latronico required little renovation work to meet their needs, but the exterior needed a fresh coat of paint, the family explains. The three-story house belonged to an “upper-class” woman, as Nadine calls it, who had furnished it elegantly with antiques. The former owner left behind two beds, a wardrobe and some items including china cups. “We love people – underlined Nadine -. We have never met a single bad person, everyone offers coffee. One day we met a villager in a shop and we became best friends: he took us to his house for an espresso even though I don’t even drink coffee.”