FantaSanremo 2023 points, the complete list of bonuses and maluses

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Today officially begins Sanremo Music Festival 2023. Never like this year, however, the attention of the many spectators of the event (THE SPECIAL) is also directed to FantaSanremo, the “fantasy football” style game that allows you to create teams with the singers in the competition. You don’t win anything, but winning isn’t the point of the game: it will be fun to accumulate or lose points based on what the artists chosen in your team do (or don’t do). The FantaSanremo rulesin fact, are made up of a series of bonuses (that give points) e malus (which deduct points) and which will therefore allow to establish the final score of the team. Let’s find out.

FantaSanremo 2023, the list of bonuses

Some of the FantaSanremo bonuses are more “institutional”, such as winning the kermesse or the Mia Martini Prize. There are many others, however, that depend on some choices that the artist will make, on what she will wear or say on stage. Still others are very creative (and very unlikely) possibilities. Let’s find out the whole list of bonuses:

Ranking bonuses

  • Final night position points
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th night position points (to be awarded every night)

Critics Awards

  • Critics Award Mia Martini +50pt
  • Sergio Bardotti Award (best text) +50pt
  • Giancarlo Bigazzi Award (best musical composition) +50pt
  • Sergio Endrigo Award (best interpretation) +50pt
  • Quality Jury Award: most voted artist by the FantaSanremo Quality Jury made up of conductors and conductors engaged in the direction of pieces competing at the Festival +50pt
  • Other prizes not mentioned above delivered on stage +25pt

Artist publishes a content on Instagram from the Rai Radio2 studio in the Ariston backstage tagging @RaiRadio2 +10pt

Song most broadcast by Radio Italia during the week of the Festival +25pt

Personal bonus

  • Tananai ranks Last +100pt
  • Tananai + ∞ ranks last
  • Cousins ​​of Campagna 22nd +22pt
  • 31 points in the evening for Article 31 +31pt
  • Måneskin cosplay +20pt
  • Olly duets with Benji in the cover night +18km
  • Duet with Jalisse in the evening of covers Rivers of points

Evening Bonuses

  • First artist to perform (every night) +10pt
  • Artist presented by co-host +5pt
  • Artist introduced by guest +10pt
  • Artist introduced by international guest +15pt
  • High five with Gianni Morandi +10pt
  • Maestro Beppe Vessicchio conducts the orchestra +25pt
  • Bonus Dargen: the artist wears sunglasses +5pt
  • Pelù bonus: the artist steals a handbag or personal effect from an audience member +20pt
  • Barefoot artist +5pt
  • Scapezzolata: nipple in sight, the see-and-see does not count +10pt (for each nipple)
  • Scapezzolata: visible nipple cover, seeing and seeing does not count +10pt (for each nipple)
  • Mic drop +20 pts
  • Dancers +10 pts
  • Performer (other types of performances with the participation of non-competing performers excluding dancers) +15pt
  • Visible navel (doubles with piercing) +5pt
  • The artist wears masks +10pt
  • Real or fake flower in real or fake hair +10pt
  • The artist also plays an instrument (in groups the bonus is valid only for the singer, not for any choristers) +10pt
  • Dignifiedly tipsy artist, truly euphoric and/or particularly cheerful +20pt
  • Twerking +10pt
  • Flames, fire and/or sparks +10pt
  • The artist gets wet +10pt
  • Rain of confetti or similar +20pt
  • Nostalgic screenings of singers from the past during the performance +10pt
  • Bonus Maracaibo (public train) +30pt
  • Kiss on the cheek (doubles on the mouth, triples French) +5pt
  • The artist kisses the camera (there must be contact between the lips and the device) +15pt
  • Internship diving +50pt
  • Unscheduled stage invasion +50pt
    Unconsciousness +50pt
  • Rave bonus: more than 49 people on stage, excluding orchestra up to 6 (years)
  • Gubbio bonus (doubles if it leaves the squeal) 50 + VAT
  • Post-performance words of thanks +5pt
  • Emotion with evident tearing +10pt
  • Profanity +10pt
  • Pro-feminism statements, gestures or symbols +10pt
  • Pro LGBTQIA+ statements, gestures or symbols +10pt
  • Statements, gestures or symbols in favor of peace and/or against war +10pt
  • Last artist to perform (every night) +10pt

Premium bonuses

  • The artist goes down to the stalls +15pt
  • The artist leaves a suspended coffee “da Papalina” for another artist in the competition +25pt
  • The artist starts performing after midnight +5pt
  • Post-performance hug +10pt
  • Luminous outfit (sequins, glitter, sequins, lurex, decorations but not jewels) +5pt
  • Public kisses +10pt
  • The artist receives a marriage proposal during the week of the Festivàl (valid only if the artist answers with a yes. If on stage it doubles) +20pt
  • Total white outfit (excluding accessories/gadgets/finishes) +10pt
  • Artist spread on the ground (long or lying on the ground) +10pt
  • The artist enjoys the moment singing at least part of the song in the competition on the Ariston staircase +10pt
  • The artist announces or mentions, on social media or through other media, the date of the tour during the week of the Festival (not valid on stage and/or during episodes) +10pt
  • Standing ovation from the Ariston public (if partial, the bonus is halved) +20pt
  • Standing ovation of the orchestra +30pt

Weekly Bonuses

  • Live social media with @fantasanremo +10pt
  • Artist posts the tutorial relating to the choreography of his piece in the competition on social networks +10pt
  • Selfie or photo together with the gush with the Sanremo writing +10pt
  • High five with Mike Bongiorno statue +10pt
  • Jog on the seafront of Sanremo with Gianni Morandi +20pt
  • Swimming in the sea (if at night the bonus doubles) +25pt
  • Artist arrested (the bonus doubles in case of extradition) +50pt

Daily Bonuses


Solidarity Bonus

Ukulele on stage: FantaSanremo will donate musical instruments and school supplies to schools supported by ActionAid in the community of Kathonzweni, Kenya. Each time the bonus is awarded, further donations will be made. +20pt

Sustainable Bonus

Statements, gestures or symbols in favor of environmental sustainability⁶¯⁷. Each time the bonus is awarded, 3Bee will plant and take care of a nectariferous tree in the Oasi dei Fiori +10pt

FantaSanremo 2023, the list of maluses

In addition to the bonuses, in the regulation there are also maluses, behaviors and situations that cause the singer to lose points. Let’s find out all of them.

  • The artist says “FantaSanremo” on stage -10pt
  • Presenter gets song title wrong during pre-performance presentation -15pt
  • Presenter gets artist name wrong during pre-performance presentation -10pt
  • The presenter misspells the names of the authors, composers and/or conductor during the pre-performance presentation -5pt
  • The artist does not go down the steps of the Ariston¹ (pre-exhibition) -5pt
  • Stumble on the stairway (pre-exhibition) -30pt
  • Fall on the stairway (pre-exhibition) -50pt
  • The artist forgets words of the text of his song in the competition making a silent scene or stammering for a few seconds -10pt
  • The artist sits on the stairs or on the ground (doesn’t count if he sits down to lie down) -5pt
  • The artist is wearing a hat -5pt
  • Artist accidentally drops microphone or microphone stand -10pt
  • Involuntary breaking or tearing of the dress -20pt
  • Trip or fall during performance -20pt
  • The artist willfully breaks tools -25pt
  • Loss or noticeable movement of the dentures -25pt
  • Fall of the toupee or displacement of the carryover -25pt
  • Argue with the public -25pt
  • Whistles of disapproval from the Ariston audience clearly audible -30pt
  • Speech and/or jokes of a discriminatory nature -30pt
  • Technical problems causing the piece to stop -50pt
  • The artist uses a pre-recorded performance because he cannot perform in presence -50pt
  • Live blasphemy (“seen with the punt” doubles) -66.6pt
  • Song and/or artist disqualified -100pt