Fantasanremo 2024, the points of the fourth evening: the ranking

On the fourth evening (REVIVE THE LIVE – THE REPORT CARDS) of the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival (THE SPECIALE) he triumphed in the partial top five (THE RANKING) Geolier (THE INTERVIEW WITH SKY TG24) who, with the collaboration of Guè, Luchè and Gigi D’Alessio, interpreted the medley Roads. The following positions were held by Angelina Mango with the String Quartet of the Orchestra of Rome, Annalisa with La Representative di Lisa and the Coro Artemia, Ghali with Ratchopper and Alfa with Roberto Vecchioni. The FantaSanremo competition also continued in parallel, adding the gesture between bonus and malus Let’s unite (+20 points), symbol of the global rare community created in collaboration with Uniamo Malattie Rare which has been working for 25 years for a better quality of life and for the protection of the rights of people with rare diseases, their families and their caregivers.


He opened the race (+10) in total black (+10) Saint Johnwho made the Uniamo gesture (+20) and gave thanks (+5). Annalisa, in total black (+10), thanked (+5) and gave the flowers to the conductor, but it was Dario Mangiaracina of La Representative di Lista who handed them to him. The other half of the duo also sported a tiara (+10). Rose Villain she performed barefoot (+5), dedicated the song to her late mother (+10) and uttered a final swear word (+10), but sat on the staircase (-5). For Gazelles, sunglasses (+5) on his face, Fulminacci hugged Amadeus (+10), but collided with the microphone stand (-10). THE The Kolorsdressed in black (+10), performed with the guitar (+10) and took advantage of Umberto Tozzi’s sunglasses (+5). Alpha and Roberto Vecchioni, respectively winners of a total black (+10) and a hug to Amadeus (+10), received a standing ovation (+20). Bnkr44, directed by Maestro Enrico Melozzi (+20), also enjoyed the instrument on stage (+10). Irama, in total black (+10) and with an instrument on stage (+10), received a standing ovation from the audience (+20). Announced by co-host Lorella Cuccarini (+5), Fiorella Mannoia dressed in black (+10) and with flared trousers (+15) she thanked (+5) at the end of the performance. Also French Saints they were announced by Cuccarini (+5), and received a bonus for Skin’s total black outfit (+10) and a standing ovation (+20).


THE Riches and Poors in total black (+10) they thanked (+5). Ghalipresented by the guest (+10), the MotoGP champion Pecco Bagnaia, showed himself in total black (+10), sat on the stairs (-5), thanked (+5) and made a dedication to mother (+10). Clarapresented by Lorella Cuccarini (+5), thanked (+5) at the end of the performance with the performers (+15) of the children’s choir of the Teatro Regio of Turin. Loredana Bertè, forced to interrupt the piece due to technical problems (-20), regained ground thanks to her stage partner Venerus, who in a tank top (+10) used an instrument (+10). The singer then made a dedication to Pippo Balestrieri (+10) and donated flowers to the conductor (+10). Geolier instead he collected total black (+10), hat (+5) and sunglasses (+5). Angelina Mango he received a standing ovation (+20) with his performance of the song The swallow about her missing father, she was moved (+5) and thanked (+5). Alessandra Amoroso made use of performers (+15), sunglasses from Boomdabash (+5), descent into the audience (+15) and flowers donated to the conductor (+10). Dargen D’Amico wearing sunglasses (+5), performed after midnight (+5), thanked (+5) and made anti-war statements (+10). Mahmood with hat (+5) and in total black (+10) he dedicated the song to his mother and Sardinia (+10). Mr. Rain in equally hat (+5) and total black (+10), he enjoyed the Midnight bonus (+5), the presence of the dancers (+10) and thanked (+5).


Performance after midnight (+5), total black (+10), hug to Amadeus (+10) and thanks (+5) enriched the collection of points of the Negramaro. Emmawith a feathered outfit, was presented by Lorella Cuccarini (+5) and performed after midnight (+5), but also sat on the stairs (-5). The flightin total black (+10) and on stage after midnight (+5), enjoyed Stef Burns’ guitar (+10) and made the Uniamo gesture (+20) before thanking (+5). Diodate he performed after midnight (+5), saw the performance of the actor Filippo Timi on stage (+15) and thanked (+5). THE The Sad they performed after 1pm (+10), showed their nipples (+10) and belly button (+5), lay down on stage (+10) and said thank you after the performance (+5). The Three he suffered technical problems (-20), but showed his navel (+5) and nipples (+10) and performed after one (+10) with Fabrizio Moro in total black (+10) before thanking (+ 5). BigMamain black (+10) and on stage after one (+10), won the stolen handbag bonus (+20), twerking (+10), thanks (+5) and statements against discrimination ( +10). Maninnion stage after one (+10), benefited from Ermal Meta’s total black (+10) and the presence of performers (+15). Fred De Palma in total black he obtained the One at Night bonus (+10), went down to the audience (+15) and gave thanks (+5). Renga and Nek, last to perform (+10) after 1 am (+10), received a standing ovation (+20). Renga then went down to the audience (+10), where he kissed his daughter Jolanda (+10), to whom he also addressed a dedication (+10). The singer also stole her handbag (+20). Nek, however, found Laura again in the audience (+1).