FantaSanremo, interview with one of the creators: Giacomo Piccinini. VIDEO

“Skullcap”, “Greetings to Aunt Mara” and then again flexions on the stage, thanks to the orchestra and hugs with Amadeus. Among the big names in the race at Sanremo Festival 2022 a challenge has arisen that has nothing to do with the singing competition, but with the FantaSanremo.
It is a game similar to Fantasy Football, in which you bet on the singers competing at the festival (THE LIVE – THE LOOK – THE SPECIAL). It is not played with real money, but with baudi, a special coin named in this way to pay homage to the great Pippo Baudo. Each gesture of the artists is worth a certain amount of points, but there are also bonuses or malus.

Giacomo Piccinini, interviewed by Sky TG24, explained that the game was born a couple of years ago in a neighborhood bar in a small village in the Marche region, the Corva da Papalina bar (hence the word “skullcap” that singers keep repeating) . “I was with other show business workers a look at Sanremo, the classic listening group. In 2020 we decided to invent FantaSanremo, just like Fantasy Football. Whoever won, got a ham. In 2021, due to Covid, we moved to the web and created the site If last year 47 thousand teams signed up, this year we are more than half a million ”, explained Piccinini. To “baptize” the FantaSanremo this year was Gianni Morandi. “If an artist like him who has also presented Sanremo and won it nominates FantaSanremo, it means that everyone can do it”.