FantaSanremo leagues, what they are and how to create them: questions and answers

The long-awaited day 1 is approaching. The Sanremo Festival (THE SPECIALE) begins on Tuesday 6 February and with it also the FantaSanremo (read the game rules). For the last latecomers, there are still a few hours to choose the singers (THE QUOTES) and make the team (and here you can find our advice on who to take), sign up to a league or create your own. And if you don’t know what a FantaSanremo league is and how it is created, we will now explain it to you.

What are the FantaSanremo leagues?

Leagues are private championships that can have an indefinite number of teams within them and which will ultimately have their own ranking based on the points obtained by each team. In addition to participating in the general game with all members, it is possible to challenge your friends with bonuses and penalties, adding further interest to the vision of the most important music festival in Italy.


Each team can be registered in five leagues at the same time, you can participate by searching for the name of the league on the page or by responding to a friend’s invitation via a direct link. But you can also create your own.


To do this, just go to the homepage of, open the drop-down menu at the top right and from there select “all leagues”. At that point you will be redirected to the leagues page and at the top right, just below the drop-down menu you will find a yellow button with a +: by pressing it you will arrive on the page where you can create your own league by choosing your name, profile image and image of cover. It will also be possible to choose whether to keep the league public, allowing access to anyone, or private. In the second case the league will be visible to everyone but for access it will be necessary to have authorization from the creator of the league.