Fantasy football, three players are back as protagonists

Here are the bonuses again! Which of them was deployed in fantasy teams?

Waiting for players at Fantasy Football is never a positive sign. When the weeks pass and you realize that one, or more members, of your squad does not stand out either in terms of bonuses or votes obtained, it is time to reflect. So you realize that you did something wrong at the auction, you will try to release them or perhaps place them in some exchange.

The other side of the coin, however, tells of those footballers who, after a championship in the shadows or below expectations, find that positive episode that can provide a turning point.
Here are 3 players who have returned to fantasy football
in the ninth round of Serie A.

  • LOCATELLI (Juventus) – October 22nd is now Loca-day. As an ex, he allowed himself the (deflected) torpedo that knocked out Milan and earned him a 7 on his report card and a goal, both unprecedented this year. Could this be the beginning of a turning point in Fantasy Football too? Playing closer to the goal, maybe yes…

  • EL SHAARAWY (Rome) – As fate would have it, he was the one who decided the match against Monza and cooled the shutter on Di Gregorio, after a difficult week due to off-field events. First +3 of the championship, coming off the bench, he can still prove to be a very decisive player.

  • SAELEMAEKERS (Bologna) – Not just Ndoye, Karlsson and Orsolini: in the backcourt the fight for a place also involves him. That he gave himself the first bonus of the season and that quietly he is already at 4 appearances to vote. Did he turn left? The message sent to mister Thiago Motta is loud and clear. for Adnkronos