Far East Film Fest of Udine 2023, the Indonesian superheroine Sri Asih arrives

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On Monday 24 April, the Indonesian cinecomic arrives in Udine Sri Asih.

This is the successful blockbuster in which the superheroine is played by the British-Indonesian actress and model Pevita Pearce. Let’s talk about a star that defining popular is an understatement, given her huge number of followers on Instagram: almost 18 million followers…

At the Far East Film Fest 2023, the director Upi Avianto arrived to present the film. The filmmaker from Jakarta, born in 1972, is an old acquaintance of Feff: she presented 7 of the 12 films she directed in Udine
The film Sri Asih is taken from a 1954 comic and scripted by the director herself together with Joko Anwar (also a great and old friend of the Udine festival, who today, at 11.40 pm, will present his Satan’s Slaves: Communion).

Find the official trailer of the film Sri Asih in the video at the bottom of this article.

The second episode of a much loved film saga

Sri Asih is the second installment of a film series set in the BCU, the cinematic universe of Indonesian Bumilangit.
In recent years, Indonesia has been establishing itself as a successful country in terms of cinematography: last year KNN extension by Desa Penari was seen by over ten million viewers, thus outclassing the film that held the title of the most watched, namely Warcop DKI Reborn (which stopped at seven million viewers in 2016).

Pevita Pearce, a star conquering Asia (and the world)

The lead actress is much loved in her country, boasting 17.8 million followers. Although some of our famous personalities – Chiara Ferragni above all – boast almost twice as much, we are still talking about a star who is slowly conquering the whole of Asia, as well as the whole world.
In a club frequented by iconic superheroines such as Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Sophie Turner’s Dark Phoenix, Halle Berry’s Tempest, Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, newcomer Pevita Pearce managed to get ahead in an excellent way.

You can watch the official trailer of the film below Sri Asih.