Farewell to Angus Cloud, the social posts of Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney and the rest of the cast

They waited Zendaya Coleman and Sydney Sweeney before showing in public the dismay that accompanied the news of the death of Angus Cloudthe Californian actor they both worked with on the first two seasons of Euphoriathe cult series that remains the most important work of the young man’s short career.
To make tribute to my friend and colleague, both actresses have chosen photos that prove the vitality and good character of the twenty-five year old who has been a companion in adventures even off the set. Alexa Damie also joins the social commemoration, among the first to express her emotions with a silent Story. In dribs and drabs, the post from the rest of the cast but the fans dispute everyone that they were not very timely in remembering their friend.

Zendaya asks fans to be kind

“Words aren’t enough to describe the infinite beauty that is Angus’ own,” he begins Zendaya on Instagram trying to encapsulate his state of mind upon learning of Cloud’s death. The actress, who chose a black and white portrait to remember her friend and colleague, she goes on to say that she feels grateful to have had the opportunity to know him in this lifetime.
The actor, says Zendaya, had an unmistakable and infectious laugh and lit up every room with his presence. The protagonist of Euphoria says he will cherish every moment spent with his friend, moments of Love, light and joy which he has always managed to give to anyone. The conclusion of his post is probably a response to those fan which they expressed disagreement with the cast Of Euphoria that he did not undertake to publicly remember the actor with statements or online posts in the hours immediately following the spread of the news of his death. Coleman writes: “My heart is with his mother and her family at this time and please be kind and patient because pain manifests itself in different ways for everyone”

Candid photos of Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney, on the other hand, indulges in memories and emotions on her Instagram profile by choosing a series of snapshots, eight photos with a spontaneous character, taken in the years in which he worked with Angus Cloud. The actress admits that for her this is the hardest post ever so it’s hard to find the right words. Sweeney also remembers the laughter of Cloud who is often hugging her in photos of her chosen for her highly emotional post. In the finale she writes: “The pain is real, I wish I could give you a last hug or run with you one last time. All my love is with you”.

The memory of Damie, Ferreira and Walton

Barbie Ferreirathe interpreter of Kat Hernandez in Euphoria, chooses a very close-up of a very smiling Cloud to remember his friend on Instagram and in the Stories he publishes a second photo of her together with Cloud and her colleague Maude Apatow taken during the night of the Oscars of 2022, an evening attended by many actors from the cast of Euphoria. “I will miss you tremendously”, writes Ferreira who preferred a terse memorya choice also shared by Javon Waltonthe actor born in 2006 who in Euphoria interprets Ashtray, the little brother of Fezco/Cloud. The young actor calls Cloud “Brother” also on Instagram and as a photo he chooses a pose that shows a big hug with his most loyal set mate.
There are no memories, at least for the moment, on the bulletin boards of Hunter Shafer, Jacob Elordi, Lukas Gage and Maude Apatow, other faces of the main cast of Euphoria. The only one to have expressed herself, before all the others, yesterday, was Alexa Damie which referenced Cloud with a History with a black background with an unmistakable emoticon: a broken heart. Meanwhile, under the posts of Angus Cloud’s colleagues and the one published by the official profile of the HBO show, fans are gathering to share the mourning for the actor who left far too soon.