Farewell to Arnold Skolnick, he created the legendary Woodstock poster

The American artist and designer was 85 years old

American artist and designer Arnold Skolnick, best known for designing the iconic poster for the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, has died at the age of 85 in Easthampton, a city in Hampshire county in the state of Massachusetts.

Arnold Skolnick worked extensively in advertising before becoming a graphic designer in the publishing world. But what attracted attention to him was his poster created for the legendary Woodstock rock festival, which took place in Bethel, a small rural town in upstate New York, from August 15 to 18, 1969. He drew a bird. with a simple stroke perched on a guitar with the phrase “3 days of peace and music”.

Skolnick got the chance to design the Woodstock poster after the event organizers turned down the previous attempt by another artist who sketched the poster with a naked woman and psychedelic design. Alexander Skolnick, son of the designer, said that his father was a purist of the graphic line who hated psychedelic art. “For a long time he didn’t want to be known only for the Woodstock poster,” said Alexander. “But in the end he resigned himself.” Skolnick confessed years ago that he never made any money on the Woodstock poster other than the original commission.

(by Paolo Martini)