Farewell to Piero Angela: the last message is moving, creepy words

Farewell to Piero Angela: the news arrived a few hours ago and went around the web, the last message appears before dying.

A few days after the dramatic news of the death of Olivia Newton, the beloved Sandy from Grease, the Italian public was completely shocked by another creepy announcement: Piero Angela is dead! The announcement was made by his son Alberto.

Piero Angela. Credits: Instagram

It is just with a very tender image of Piero Angela that the beloved Alberto said ‘goodbye’ to his dad. A news, as we can clearly understand, totally shocking, which has thrown everyone into despair. Father of scientific dissemination and backbone of many successful programs, the good Angela passed away at the age of 93. It is useless to tell you the reaction of his admirers as soon as they heard the tragic news. A few seconds after the announcement of the beloved Alberto, the web began to fill up with images and messages of condolence for the one who with his wisdom and professionalism has enriched the cultural background of each of us. In short, the disappearance of Piero Angela is much more than a ‘simple’ loss!

Goodbye Piero Angela: only now does his last message appear

Immediately after the news of his death, the last message appeared on the web that Piero Angela he wanted to dedicate to his admirers shortly before his death. On the Instagram profile of Super Quark, a program of which he has taken over the reins for years and years, a long and exciting letter was shared in which the beloved science writer reiterated how much the 70 years of career have been mostly stimulating and how exciting the adventure lived at Super Quark was.

“I was lucky enough to meet people who helped me achieve what every man would like to discover”, Piero Angela said again. Explaining how lucky he was in completing all of his projects, even a jazz record on the piano, despite his illness. Finally, a last sentence that makes the eyes fill with tears: “Dear ones, I think I have done my part. Try to make yours too for this difficult country of ours ”.

goodbye piero angela
Message Piero Angela. Credits: Instagram

Thrilling words, as you can clearly understand, and which now leave a lot of bitterness in the mouth.

What was he suffering from?

In his long and last letter Piero Angela told of having fought for a long time with an illness, but what exactly was he talking about? According to what is learned from the web, it would seem that the scientific popularizer suffered from discopathy, a pathology that affects the spine and which seems to be caused by the aging of the intervertrebal disc. Regarding this, in fact, he had told Il Messaggero: “When I’m on my feet I’m over 90, I suffer from disc disease. But when I’m sitting I’m 45 ”.