Farewell to Silvio Berlusconi, tomorrow state funeral in Milan

The funeral home set up in the historic residence of Arcore, in Villa San Martino. Towards dawn on Monday the sudden aggravation

National mourning and state funeral, which will be held tomorrow afternoon in Milan, for Silvio Berlusconi, who died on Monday at the age of 86. The funeral home will be set up in his historic residence in Arcore, at Villa San Martino, where yesterday the body was transferred from San Raffaele. For reasons of public order, however, it was decided to cancel the public burial chamber initially planned in the Mediaset studios in Cologno Monzese.

The Curia of Milan has confirmed that the funeral will take place in the Cathedral at 3 pm and will be presided over by Mario Delpini, archbishop of the Lombard capital. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella – according to what is learned – will participate in the funeral.

Towards dawn the sudden aggravation, the story of the last few hours

The Cavaliere had been hospitalized since Friday at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan for his “haematological pathology”. The death, according to what is learned, occurred at 9.30. Suffering from chronic myelomonocytic leukemia for some time, he was discharged a few weeks ago after a 45-day hospitalization.

The alarm went off at dawn. The Forza Italia leader got worse suddenly, quickly and quite unexpectedly, according to the first information filtering from the hospital. An acute event – linked to the disease with which the former prime minister had been living with for about two years, and to an unbalanced bone marrow production – changed the picture abruptly. After all, already on Friday 9 June the tests to which the blue leader was constantly subjected for careful monitoring of the haematological pathology had given signs. The CAT scan, on the other hand, had not highlighted other pathologies and also excluded signs that could have to do with pneumonia (the problem that in the previous hospitalization, which ended just 20 days earlier, had led him to intensive care for about ten days). However, the values ​​that emerged from the control tests lead to the decision to anticipate, according to what was reported in the bulletin, the checks scheduled for leukemia and to proceed with hospitalization.

Then the aggravation in the early hours of yesterday morning. The car of Alberto Zangrillo, director of general and cardiac surgery intensive care at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan and doctor of the former premier, is glimpsed at dawn arriving in via Olgettina. The link between the white coat and Berlusconi is also personal, as he had the opportunity to explain, repeating it just recently during his hospitalization in April, when he called him “a great friend” and added: “I cannot deny a great personal involvement “. Few statements from the doctor in those days, a sign of the difficulty of the moment. Early this morning, Berlusconi’s children and brother Paolo also rushed to the hospital, where the blue leader’s partner, Marta Fascina, is already at his side. Immediately after their arrival, around 9.30, Berlusconi dies.


“I learn with deep sadness the news of the death of Silvio Berlusconi, founder and leader of Forza Italia, protagonist of long seasons of Italian politics and republican institutions”, the message of the head of state, Sergio Mattarella. “Berlusconi – said President Mattarella – was a great political leader who marked the history of our Republic, influencing paradigms, customs and languages. In a season of profound upheavals, his ‘taking the field’, with a party newly founded, it obtained such widespread support that it could immediately compose a majority and a government. Berlusconi’s leadership helped shape a new geography of Italian politics, allowing him to assume the office of prime minister four times. In this capacity he faced global events, such as the crisis opened by the attack on the Twin Towers, the fight against international terrorism and the financial upheavals at the end of the first decade of the new century”.


”Silvio Berlusconi was above all a fighter, he was a man who was never afraid to defend his convictions and it was exactly that courage and that determination that made him one of the most influential men in the history of Italy, that allowed him to impress real turning points in the world of politics, communication and business”. Thus the premier Giorgia Meloni in a video message. With him ”Italy learned that it should never have limits imposed on it, it learned that it should never give up”, says the prime minister. “With Berlusconi we have fought, won, lost, many battles. And for him too we will bring home the goals that we set ourselves together. Goodbye Silvio”.

The condolences of politics

“Berlusconi was a hero for millions of Italians, defending the freedom in which he believed.” These are the first words spoken by the Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, coordinator of Forza Italia, speaking, moved, outside the Arlington cemetery in Washington. Berlusconi’s death “is a great pain for all of us, he was a friend, to me he was an older brother”, said the deputy prime minister, recalling the leader of Forza Italia, defining his disappearance “sudden”. “A great protagonist of our history, the man who changed politics”, “a great entrepreneur but above all a great man”, he underlined. “We have a duty to move forward, we will, I will – he said – We will do in the Forza Italia community what he taught: fight for the good of Italy, with the tools of politics, but always choosing freedom and ‘love for the Italian people’.

“A great man and a great Italian,” said the leader of the League
Matthew Salvini. “A great Italian greets us. One of the greatest ever, in all fields, from all points of view, without equal. But above all today I lose a great friend. I am destroyed and I rarely cry, today is one of those days – he wrote on Facebook – I keep as a precious gift the value of your friendship, your advice, your generosity, your respect, your genius, your rare and affectionate reproaches immediately followed by compliments and unique attentions. Italy and for the Italians, you leave a void that is difficult to fill, starting today we will dedicate all our efforts and all our commitment to continue the thousand roads that you first saw and traced.The greatest heritage you leave on this earth, which I am your splendid family and your affections, they will be worth a thousand more lives. Have a good trip, Silvio, my friend”.

The president of the M5S, Joseph Conteon Facebook: “Silvio Berlusconi was an entrepreneur and a politician who contributed to writing significant pages of our history in every field in which he ventured. He ignited and polarized the public debate perhaps like no other, and even those who faced as a political opponent, he must recognize that he has never lacked courage, passion, tenacity. In this moment of profound pain, I would like to send my sincere and respectful condolences and those of the 5 Star Movement to his loved ones and his family”. .

“Silvio Berlusconi made history in this country. Many loved him, many hated him: today everyone must recognize that his impact on political life but also on economics, sports and television was unprecedented. Today Italy mourns together to his family, his loved ones, his companies, his party”, the post by Matthew Renzi, leader of Italia Viva. “To all those who loved him, my most affectionate and most sincere embrace. In these hours I carry with me the memories of our meetings, of the many advices, of our agreements, of our clashes. But above all of a phone call in which Silvio , not the President, made me shed a tear talking about my mother. We will miss you Pres, may the earth be light on you”.

“I express my condolences and Action to the family and community of Forza Italia, for the death of Silvio Berlusconi. He fought against the disease to the end with incredible courage. May he rest in peace”, the words of Charles Calendaleader of Action.