Farewell to the beloved actress of the famous soap opera: the tragic news pains everyone

Farewell to the beloved actress of the famous Italian soap opera: the tragic news literally grieved all viewers.

After the news of Piero Angela’s death, another shocks the entire community: the beloved actress of the famous Italian soap opera is dead. To announce her, it was one of her greatest friends and colleague of her, who shared 25 years of set with her.

Beloved actress death. Credits: Youtube

Farewell to the beloved Italian actress: a very painful news, as it can be clearly understood, and which left all his admirers in despair. It was some time since, unfortunately, the famous interpreter was missing on the set of the soap opera, but no one would ever have imagined her disappearance. On the other hand, many of her had become fond of her and her characters and many of her hoped that very soon she would be back on TV. Who are we talking about?

Farewell to the beloved actress: serious mourning in the cast of the soap opera

The news of the beloved actress’s death literally shocked everyone – just like the news of the Hollywood star’s disappearance after the dramatic accident she was involved in! A highly appreciated face of a famous Italian soap opera, it had been a long time since she no longer appeared on her set. Despite this, however, she not only continued to be loved by all her audience, but there were also those who sincerely hoped that she could return at any moment. Unfortunately, to date, we can tell you that this will never happen!

We do not know what happened – even if on the web we read that she disappeared after a long illness – but we can tell you that Teresa Deacon of Un Posto al Sole has disappeared in the past few hours. The famous Neapolitan actress Carmen Scivittaro died at the age of 77 and a truly impressive career behind her. Great pain, therefore, for all her fans, who have loved her since her first day on the set of Un posto al sole.

The moving announcement of Alberto Rossi

To immediately share the news with his social audience, as we said, it was Alberto Rossi, Michele Saviani in Un posto al sole. At first with a photo that portrays the very nice smiling Carmen and, later, with a series of IG Stories, the actor could not help but comment on the tragic news, letting himself go to some really moving words. His pain is visible to the naked eye, but his speech makes us clearly understand how much Carmen was a beloved woman and artist. “The inevitable happened. News that we never wanted to have “, began to say the good Rossi to his audience. “First for her brother’s health reasons and then hers, we haven’t heard from her for a while because she didn’t want us to contact her”, he continued to say with tears in his eyes.

goodbye beloved actress
Alberto Rossi Instagram. Credits: Instagram

“She was a great artist and professional. Nothing is like that “, concluded Alberto.