Farmaceutica, Coco (Novartis): “25 clinical trials underway for cardiovascular diseases”

‘Over three hundred patients involved on Italian territory’

Novartis invests approximately 60 million euros in research and development annually. Specifically in the cardiovascular field we have 25 clinical studies currently underway, involving more than 300 patients in Italy. Novartis’ commitment in the field of research into chronic pathologies in general and in particular in the cardiovascular field is aimed at identifying increasingly innovative therapeutic solutions that allow us to improve the profile of patients, reducing their cardiovascular risk, and at the same time to promote therapeutic adherence”. Thus Paola Coco, medical director of Novartis Italia, spoke to Adnkronos Salute, speaking today at the press conference promoted by Novartis in the Chamber of Deputies on the occasion of World Heart Day which is celebrated on 29 September.

The meeting was attended by the main heart experts, including the Italian Association of Heart Failure Patients (Aisc) and the Italian Heart Foundation (Fipc) which, together with Novartis, will offer free cholesterol level measurements in some Italian squares from 30 September , including Rome and Naples. The behind-closed-door screening initiative at the Chamber of Deputies was a trailblazer, with around 100 institutional representatives and officials taking part.

“Novartis’ commitment is also aimed at creating partnerships that in some way can facilitate citizens’ access to screening campaigns in the field of cardiovascular pathologies – concludes Coco – which, let us remember, still represent the main cause of death in Europe and Italy. For us, it is essential to be able to create partnerships with institutions, with regions, with patient associations, to shine a spotlight on cardiovascular risk, in order to act ever earlier to prevent long-term complications.”