Farmers protest, Irpef discount on land may return: in 2023 it cost 150 million

The demonstrations in the agricultural sector continue to hold sway: Meloni claims to have been defending the sector for some time, while the Minister of Relations with Parliament Ciriani is open to a possible return of the Irpef discount on agricultural land, eliminated with the latest manoeuvre. The measure, however, would not help farmers with low incomes much. This was discussed on “Numeri”, the Sky TG24 program broadcast on 7 February 2024

The farmers’ protest continues and is also taking center stage in the political debate. “By renegotiating the Pnrr we have freed up 3 billion euros for agricultural companies, because long before there were demonstrations and people took to the streets this government defended the agricultural sector from some overly ideological choices which risked pursuing the green transition and risking produce industrial diversification,” declared Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. But what are the government’s moves to help the agricultural sector? This was discussed on “Numeri”, the Sky TG24 program which aired on 7 February 2024.

The intervention on the Irpef of agricultural land

The first intervention that could arrive is that on the Irpef of agricultural land. “The government is sensitive to the requests coming from farmers and has as its priority the employment in support of the weakest. For this reason, the Milleproroghe, a measure aimed at providing exemption for those who need effective support without prejudice to other facilitative measures”, declared the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Luca Ciriani, during question time in the Chamber. It would be a partial reverse: in fact, in the 2024 Budget a provision had been eliminated which had been in force since 2016 and which allowed farmers not to declare the so-called “dominic income”, i.e. that on land, in their tax returns. According to data from the Ministry of Economy, this discount cost 150 million euros in 2023 , a figure slightly lower than that of 2022, which had marked the record of 237.6 million euros. The Mef data also highlight, however, how the Irpef discount, if reintroduced, would lead to savings of just 50 euros per year for farmers with an annual income of 10/12 thousand euros, while the figure would rise to 300 euros with a higher ISEE, between 50 and 55 thousand euros.

The state of Italian agriculture

In the political controversy, the majority and the opposition are accused of having brought agriculture to its knees. A detail which, however, does not correspond to the data: in fact, we are at an absolute export record in 2023, reaching the figure of 64 billion euros. Inflation plays a predominant role in this result, but the values ​​of the previous two years are still lower: in fact, in 2021 the figure was 52 billion, while in 2023 the value had risen to 61 billion.