Farnesina to Italians: “Extreme caution in Jerusalem and in the Territories”

“It is strongly discouraged to travel – in any capacity – to the Gaza Strip”

An invitation to adopt “extreme caution” in Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories, in the light of the security situation, was addressed by the Farnesina to the Italians present in the area. In an update published on the Foreign Ministry’s ‘Viaggiare Sicuri’ website, our compatriots in Jerusalem are advised to “maintain vigilant attention and adopt extreme caution in all travel, using alternative means of transport to public ones”.

“Utmost caution will be observed in the Old City and at all its entrance gates, on the Esplanade of the Mosques/Temple Mount and in all the neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, where it is inadvisable to go, especially in the evening hours – it is specified – Even in the areas more crowded than West Jerusalem, extreme caution is advised.”

“In the West Bank, the military presence has been strengthened and frequent operations of the Security Forces are underway in some areas – continues the note regarding the Territories – It is therefore recommended to exercise extreme caution in all movements in the West Bank, where violent clashes and attacks are possible, even in the main urban centers Demonstrations and gatherings, as well as areas that are manned by the security forces, are absolutely to be avoided. The situation continues to be particularly critical in the Jenin and Nablus areas, where any movement or tourist visit is strongly discouraged, both in the city center and in the remaining areas of the two governorates. Movements in the areas adjacent to the settlements in the city of Hebron are also not recommended”.

“It is necessary for compatriots to adopt behaviors based on the utmost caution, avoiding any type of gathering – even of very small dimensions – and scrupulously complying with the provisions of the local authorities. In both the West Bank and East Jerusalem, it is strongly discouraged to travel to areas adjacent to settlementsinside or near refugee camps – it concludes – Following the most recent conflict, the situation in the Gaza Strip remains extremely unstable, to the point that further resurgence of hostilities cannot be ruled out. Traveling is strongly discouraged – in any capacity – in the Gaza Strip“.