Fàscal, it’s not madness to chase dreams tells the story of the single I hate spoilers: the video

hello I’m Fascaland I’m a little excited to present to you my new single, I hate spoilers. The song was born from the desire to get back into the game after a disappointment in love. And what better way than by “banning words”? Yes, I’m serious: no feelings, no promises: a sincere “let’s see how it goes” that strips away the pessimism of past experiences, bringing with it the flavor of the first times. Because at the beginning all relationships are a bit similar, and we are naturally led to make comparisons with loves whose credits are already rolling. A good story just needs to be experienced, minute by minute, enjoying the succession of scenes on the screen that gradually unfold the plot of the film.

In this “film” we find a young couple on their first date: shy and a little awkward, they hide behind the phone screen, communicating with a game of glances of which only they know the rules. Who knows if they will find the courage to let go. Let yourself be transported by the guitar intro into a party atmosphere, where the melody flows fluidly with the lyrics, following the fast-paced rhythm of the rhythm section. I don’t want to tell you too much, it wouldn’t be consistent with the title of the song. After all, we want everything immediately: a video lasts a few seconds, each phase of life passes as quickly as in a university exam and we forget very easily about the child that each of us carries inside, left there in a corner on the stand -by together with everything you no longer have time to do. Perhaps due to the fear of growing up, or more simply to not seem childish in the eyes of others, ready to label as “madness” the desire to try to achieve a dream, whether small or large and at any stage of life.

Who said that there is “too early” or “too late” to do what we like best? Writing makes me feel good. And with music I discovered that I can also make all the people feel good who, for one reason or another, find themselves in what I tell, transforming any cloud of thoughts into a more fun, colorful and even slightly crazy world. . I tried to enclose this carefree vision in the video clip of the song and now it’s time to show you (but also listen to) it here as a preview, sharing with you a slice of my happiness and hoping to lift the mood of those who need it. I “don’t promise anything”, but if you’ve made it this far let me know if you liked the song.