Fassino and the ‘paycheck’, what is the salary of deputies and senators?

The Pd deputy showed the gross allowance of deputies in July. What are the rumors?

“I was naive, but I did an operation for the truth”. Piero Fassino claimed his gesture in the chamber in the Chamber, ‘waving’ the slip to demonstrate that that of parliamentarians is not one “gold salary”. The Pd deputy showed the gross allowance of deputies in July, 10,435 euros which, after deducting taxes and other items (social security and health), drops to 4,718 euros net per month.

The initiative of the former DS secretary, who also received the ‘reprimand’ from the Pd secretary Elly Schlein (“he spoke in a personal capacity”), has rekindled the discussion on the earnings of the tenants of the Chamber and Senate. One of the most sensitive issues, which together with annuities has animated controversies and caused rivers of ink to flow on the ‘caste’. The accounts made by Fassino among the benches of Montecitoriohowever, are not very precise, as can also be seen from the budgets of the Parliament.

In the courtroom, the dem deputy referred only to the allowance. But each deputy also enjoys a fund ‘for parliamentary activity’ of 3,610 euros per month. Fassino clarified that the di lui is used for the compensation of two of his collaborators. Not so for everyone, of course. Then there is the per diem: 3,500 euros per month. Each deputy decides how to use it. In the Democratic Party, for example, it is usually paid to the party for political activities, others use it for accommodation costs (it can be done according to internal rules).

However, the per diem is not fixed, it can be reduced by 200 euros for each day of absence in courtroom voting and up to 500 euros for absences in the internal bodies of the Chamber. Another chapter is then represented by travel expenses, for which approximately 3,300 euros are foreseen quarterly (a variable item, linked to the distance between residence and an airport) which are added to the facilitations for circulation (motorways, trains).

Then there is a flat rate for the telephone (1,200 euros a year) and an endowment for IT expenses at the beginning of the term (about 5,000 euros). In the Senate the situation is roughly the same, even if according to some MPs Palazzo Madama is more “generous”. The indemnity is around 5,000 euros per month and the per diem is around 3,500 euros, with a lump sum of around 1,600 euros for expenses and around 2,000 for the exercise of the mandate, plus other coverage for travel and other items.