Fast & Furious, peace made between Vin Diesel and The Rock who will return in the saga

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Fast Xtenth film in the saga of Fast & Furious, landed in Italian cinemas on May 18th. The epilogue of the blockbuster, directed by Louis Leterrier, leaves room for a open ending and, unlike what has been reiterated over the last few years, in the post-credits scene The Rock suddenly reappears as well with a cameo as Luke Hobbs, thus hinting at the his return in the continuation of the franchise. After the protagonist Vin Diesel has in fact declared that the grand finale of the saga will be divided into two further chapters, the final scene of Fast X is but a new and happy surprise for the many fans of the multi-billion dollar franchise.

The tension between Vin Diesel and The Rock

It’s official: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, will come back in later chapters of the franchise Fast & Furious as his historic character, Luke Hobbs, who initially appeared in the fifth film and then assumed an increasingly significant role in the sixth, seventh and eighth chapters, until he also became the protagonist of the spin-off Hobbs & Shaw along with actor Jason Statham. What makes The Rock’s comeback so amazing in Fast & Furiousis the note e long feud with lead actor Vin Diesel. It seems that relations between the two have soured in 2017on the set of Fast & Furious 8 and that, since then, both have kept their distance from each other, attempting to downplay i rumors regarding the dispute. In the meantime, however, other stars of the saga, such as Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson, had confirmed the tension between the two actors.

The Rock’s official retirement in 2021

In 2021the official announcement: The Rock had declared that he would never come back in the saga Of Fast & Furious and many, of course, had assumed that the failure to return was due to the presence of Vin Diesel in the cast. Also in November 2021, Vin Diesel had even published a post on his personal Instagram profile, to try to convince his colleague to return to the set of the franchise: “You have to introduce yourself, don’t leave the franchise idle, you have a very important role to play . Hobbs cannot be played by anyone else. I hope you can take your chance and fulfill your destiny”. In response, star ThAnd Rock had stated the following to CNN: “I told Vin Diesel I wasn’t going back to the franchise, I said it to his face. I was cordial but firm and explained that I would always support the cast and root for the success of the franchise, but that there is no way to convince me. His recent public post on social media is an example of his manipulation. I didn’t like that she unleashed the fans ”.

The surprise: The Rock will be back in the saga of Fast & Furious

After surprise cameos in the post-credits scene of Fast X, former wrestler Dwayne Johnson posted a long post on Twitter, in which he explained that he and Vin Diesel “have left the past behind.” So it’s official: the conflict between the two actors is resolved and The Rock will return to the scene with his Luke Hobbs.